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KFC Menu with Prices is always the first search when looking for something that can satisfy your cravings and taste buds. Then, look no further, know little about KFC, and dive into the KFC menu with prices in Canada.
KFC! Known for its fried chicken, Zinger has been operating in Canada since 1955. The world has known KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, since 1930, when it was founded by Colonel Sanders.

KFC Menu Canada has about 12 menu deals for you, from big box meals to lunch and dinner deals, and here you will get all the latest prices of KFC menus.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite KFC Canada menu.

KFC Menu with Price Canada

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Family Bucket Feast

CAN$ 55.19

Family Bucket Meal

CAN$ 45.99

Family Bucket

CAN$ 36.79

KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich Combo

CAN$ 14.39

KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich

CAN$ 11.49

KFC Spicy Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich

CAN$ 11.49

Kfc Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich box Meal

CAN$ 18.99

KFC Big Box Meal

4 Piece Chicken box

CAN$ 17.89

Boneless Box

CAN$ 17.89

Big Crunch box

CAN$ 19.59

Wicked Zinger Box

CAN$ 17.89

Double Tender Sandwich Box

CAN$ 15.59

Big Crunch Stacker Box

CAN$ 21.29

KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich Box Meal

CAN$ 20.69

Big Crunch Stacker Box

CAN$ 21.29

4 Piece Original Recipe Box

CAN$ 20.99

3 Original Recipe Tenders Box Meal

CAN$ 19.59

Sandwiches and Wraps

Kfc Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich Combo

CAN$ 16.59

Big Crunch Sandwich Combo

CAN$ 13.29

Plant-based Sandwich Combo

CAN$ 14.39

Twister Combo

CAN$ 13.29

Zinger Twister Combo

CAN$ 15.49

Zinger Sandwich Combo

CAN$ 13.29

Big Crunch Stacker Combo

CAN$ 16.69

Kfc Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich

CAN$ 12.89

Kfc Spicy Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich

CAN$ 11.49

Big Crunch Sandwich

CAN$ 10.39

Spicy big Crunch Sandwich

CAN$ 10.39

Double Tender Sandwich

CAN$ 8.09

Toasted Twister

CAN$ 11.69

Toasted Twister Combo

CAN$ 15.49

Famous Buckets

Variety Bucket

CAN$ 49.49

Boneless Bucket

CAN$ 40.29

25 Piece Party Pack

CAN$ 74.79

Original Recipe Chicken Combo

2 piece chicken combo

CAN$ 12.09

3 piece chicken combo

CAN$ 74.79

4 piece chicken combo

CAN$ 74.79

Original Recipe Chicken

6 Piece Bucket and 2 Large Sides

CAN$ 33.39

10 Piece Bucket and 3 Large Sides

CAN$ 42.59

14 Piece Bucket and 4 Large Sides

CAN$ 54.09

18 Piece Bucket and 5 Large Sides

CAN$ 65.59

6 Piece Bucket

CAN$ 21.89

10 Piece Bucket

CAN$ 33.69

14 Piece Bucket

CAN$ 43.69

18 Piece Bucket

CAN$ 54.09

Boneless Chicken

3 Piece Original Recipe Tenders Combo

CAN$ 13.29

Boneless Combo

CAN$ 15.59

Popcorn Chicken Combo

CAN$ 11.49

Snacks and Add-on

Small Popcorn Chicken

CAN$ 8.59

Popcorn Poutine

CAN$ 9.79


CAN$ 8.09

6 Original Recipe Tenders

CAN$ 17.29

2 Hot Wings

CAN$ 5.19

5 Hot Wings

CAN$ 9.79

20 Hot Wings

CAN$ 31.09

3 Original Recipe Tenders

CAN$ 10.39

2 Piece Chicken

CAN$ 9.19

3 Piece Chicken

CAN$ 11.49

Go Bucket Slider

CAN$ 5.79

Go Bucket – Popcorn Chicken

CAN$ 5.79

Go Bucket – 2 Original Recipe Tenders

CAN$ 0

Sides and Drinks

Individual Fries

CAN$ 4.09

Large Fries

CAN$ 9.19

Popcorn Poutine

CAN$ 9.79


CAN$ 8.09


CAN$ 4.09

Lime Bubly

CAN$ 3.49

4 Biscuits

CAN$ 5.79

Individual Gravy

CAN$ 2.89

Large Gravy

CAN$ 6.89

Individual Homestyle Coleslaw

CAN$ 3.49

Large Homestyle Coleslaw

CAN$ 8.59

Individual Macaroni Salad

CAN$ 3.49

Large Macaroni salad

CAN$ 0


4 Pack of kfc s’more Brownie

CAN$ 10.89

Kfc s’more Brownie

CAN$ 3.49

Dipping Sauces

Sweet n smokey bbq

CAN$ 0.59

Southern plum

CAN$ 0.59

Dip buttermilk ranch

CAN$ 0.59

Lunch & Dinner Deals

Lunch deal for 2

CAN$ 15

Dinner deal for 4

CAN$ 30

kfc menu with price
kfc menu with price canada

FAQ’s KFC Menu With Price

Answer: KFC opens at 11 a.m. and closes at 1 p.m.

Answer: This is the cheapest item at KFC Canada that costs CAN$3.49.

Answer: The price for the Big Crunch Stacker is CAN$ 16.69, and it is the most expensive item on the KFC Canada menu.

Answer: The price of the Zinger Twister Combo is CAN$13.29.

Answer: Yes, you can have all the KFC menu items in Canada by ordering them from delivery platforms.

About KFC Canada

KFC is a world-famous fast food chain that was founded in 1930 by Harland Sanders, but it took a long time to enter the fast food market in Canada in 1955. It now has about 25000 branches worldwide in 147 countries and nearly 600 locations in Canada.

KFC has gained popularity internationally due to its fried chicken and diverse menu options. KFC menu is always the first thing to do when thinking of an outing or family gathering.

Most Popular Item at KFC Menu Canada

Zinger Burger

Big Box Meal


KFC Original Recipe Chicken

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Popcorn Chicken

Alternatives to the KFC Menu With Price Canada

No Doubt! KFC Menu Canada never lets down in terms of taste and quality, from zingers to desserts, but this does not mean it is the last option available for chicken lovers; you can try other mouthwatering offerings as well.

1. Chipotle
2. Five Guy’s
3. Burger King
4. McDonald
5. Wendy’s

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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