Montana’s BBQ & Bar Menu and Prices in Canada – 2024

Montana’s menu Canada has 14 menu deals for you with over 90 items, ranging from brisket burgers, cheese nachos, and chicken tacos. Here you will get all the latest prices on Montana’s menu in Canada.
Montana’s BBQ & Bar is a Canadian restaurant operating since 1995 and best known for smoked pork ribs, steaks, and burgers.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Montana’s menu in Canada.

Montana’s Menu Prices Canada

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Summer Ribfest

Menu ItemPrice
Smoked Pulled Pork SandwichCAN$ 19.46
Brisket BurgerCAN$ 22.41
Honkin’ Beef RibCAN$ 40.11
Pork Back Ribs – Full RackCAN$ 34.21
Pork Back Ribs – Half RackCAN$ 27.13
Pork Back Ribs – Taster PlateCAN$ 20.05
Rib And Wing ComboCAN$ 25.95
Big Grill TrioCAN$ 31.85
Rib Combo for TwoCAN$ 53.04
Four-Cheese Spinach DipCAN$ 16.51

Signature Combos

Menu ItemPrice
Southern BBQ Combo for FourCAN$ 70.79
Family BBQ ComboCAN$ 76.69
Chicken Combo for TwoCAN$ 53.04
Burger Combo for TwoCAN$ 53.04
Steak Combo For TwoCAN$ 53.04
Rib Combo for TwoCAN$ 53.04
Ultimate Appetizer ComboCAN$ 58.99


Menu ItemPrice
Pulled Pork PoutineCAN$ 15.33
Double Bacon & Cheese PoutineCAN$ 15.33
Tex Mex FriesCAN$ 15.33
Classic PoutineCAN$ 11.79
Cheese NachosCAN$ 21.23
KAPOW! ShrimpCAN$ 16.51
Double Dusted Chicken Wings 16 piecesCAN$ 29.49
Double Dusted Chicken Wings 8 piecesCAN$ 17.69
Oven-Baked AntojitosCAN$ 14.15
Four-Cheese Spinach DipCAN$ 16.51


Menu ItemPrice
Honkin’ Beef RibCAN$ 20.05
Rib And Wing ComboCAN$ 27.13
Pork Back Ribs – Full RackCAN$ 34.21
Pork Back Ribs – Half RackCAN$ 25.95
Pork Back Ribs – Taster PlateCAN$ 40.11

Canadian Steaks

Menu ItemPrice
10 oz AAA StriploinCAN$ 37.75
10 oz AAA SirloinCAN$ 33.03
7 oz AAA SirloinCAN$ 27.13


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken TacosCAN$ 19.46
Smokehouse WrapCAN$ 20.64
Smoked Pulled Pork SandwichCAN$ 19.46
Southern-Fried Chicken SandwichCAN$ 21.23
Veggie BurgerCAN$ 20.05
Canadian Burger EH!CAN$ 21.23
Chipotle Firecracker BurgerCAN$ 21.23
BBQ Brisket SandwichCAN$ 21.23
Brisket BurgerCAN$ 22.41

Forks and Knives

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Apple Pecan Harvest SaladCAN$ 21.82
Apple Pecan Harvest SaladCAN$ 15.92
Chicken Caesar SaladCAN$ 20.64
Caesar SaladCAN$ 14.74
Two Piece Beer-Battered Fish & ChipsCAN$ 23.59
One Piece Beer-Battered Fish & ChipsCAN$ 18.87
Chicken Burrito BowlCAN$ 21.23
Smoky Bacon Mac N’ CheeseCAN$ 20.05
Chicken TendersCAN$ 20.05
Buttermilk Fried ChickenCAN$ 22.41

Kids Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Scoobi Doo NoodlesCAN$ 8.25
Kids Chicken FingersCAN$ 9.43
Cheesy Cheese PizzaCAN$ 10.61
Kids BurgerCAN$ 11.79
Pork Back RibsCAN$ 11.79

Side & Add Ons

Menu ItemPrice
Side Salad DressingCAN$ 0.81
Side Dipping SauceCAN$ 0.81
Loaded Baked PotatoCAN$ 3.53
Baked PotatoCAN$ 2.35
Starter HouseCAN$ 8.25
Starter CaesarCAN$ 8.25
Large Onion RingsCAN$ 7.07
Onion RingsCAN$ 3.53
Sweet Potato Fries & Chipotle DipCAN$ 3.53
PoutineCAN$ 5.3
GravyCAN$ 1.76
French FriesCAN$ 2.35


Menu ItemPrice
Stella Artois (355 ml)CAN$ 4.5
Budweiser ProhibitionCAN$ 32
White Claw Black Cherry Hard Seltzer (355 ml)CAN$ 4
Molson Canadian (355 ml)CAN$ 4

Wine & Cocktails

Menu ItemPrice
Sparkling Water – MontellierCAN$ 2.94
Bottled Flat Water – AquafinaCAN$ 6.5
Jackson-Triggs Proprietor’s Selection, Chardonnay (750 ml)CAN$ 18


Menu ItemPrice
7 UPCAN$ 2.94
Dr PepperCAN$ 2.94
Ginger AleCAN$ 2.94
Iced TeaCAN$ 2.94
Diet PepsiCAN$ 2.94
PepsiCAN$ 2.94
Sparkling Water – MontellierCAN$ 2.94
Bottled Flat Water – AquafinaCAN$ 2.94
bubly Cherry Sparkling WaterCAN$ 1.76
bubly Blackberry Sparkling WaterCAN$ 1.76

The Sweet Stuff

Menu ItemPrice
Shake N Share DonutsCAN$ 9.43
montana's menu prices canada

Montana’s Market

Menu ItemPrice
Montana’s Steak SauceCAN$ 7.07
Montana’s Habanero HotCAN$ 7.07
Montana’s Chipotle Honey BBQ SauceCAN$ 7.07
Montana’s Apple Butter BBQ SauceCAN$ 7.07
Montana’s Texas Bold BBQ SauceCAN$ 7.07
BBQ Sauce 3 PackCAN$ 18.87

FAQ’s About Montana’s Menu Prices Canada

Answer: The Montana’s Restaurant opens at 11:30 a.m. and closes at 10:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Montana restaurant menu, costing CAN$3.53.

Answer: Rib Combo for Two are CAN$53.04, making them the most expensive item on Montana Canada menu.

About Montana’s BBQ & Bar Canada

The first idea was first cooked in the minds of Paul Jeffery and Nils Kravis to open a Montana Cookhouse in 1995, which was a subsidiary of Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse. Currently, we know the restaurant by the name Montana’s BBQ & Bar. Restaurants are available in 9 provinces with more than 99 locations. Ontario stands first by acquiring 53 locations in Canada.

Montana’s BBQ and Bar menu is always your favourite spot for dinner. The restaurant is offering delicious and tasty food. The Montana restaurant menu features mouthwatering comfort food and some killer ribs. The restaurant also has a bar area where you can enjoy cocktails and beers.

Most Popular Items at Montana’s BBQ & Bar Menu in Canada

St-Huberts Restaurant is known for its diverse menu, which includes rotisserie chicken, sandwiches, fries, and other chicken items. With so many options on the menu, sometimes its not easy to select the best one. If you are visiting restaurant for the first time, then these are top five picks for you on the basis of Quality, demand and taste

Apple Butter Pork Ribs

Smokehouse Chicken

Baby Back Ribs

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Texas Beef Brisket

Bison Burger

Grilled Chicken

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

Alternatives to Montana’s Menu Canada

Montana’s BBQ and Bar has been in Canada for years and is always a go-to spot for BBQ enthusiasts. No doubt, this is the place that can fix BBQ and provide a bar area together. But if its not in your range and you’re looking for a similar taste and environment nearby, then these are some great alternatives that also offer barbecue, comfort food, and a cozy environment.
1. Grillin
2. Taco Bell
3. Moxies
4. Jack Astor’s
5. The KEG

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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