Swiss Chalet Menu and Prices in Canada: 2024

Swiss Chalet menu prices Canada has 13 menu deals for you with over 65 items, ranging from creamy coleslaw, Nashville Hot Wings Dinner, and garden salad to chicken pot pie. Here you will get all the latest prices on the Swiss Chalet menu, with prices in Canada.
Swiss Chalet has been in Canada since 1954. The first location was in Toronto, Ontario. Since then, the Swiss Chalet menu has become famous for their signature item, rotisserie chicken, and their signature dish, quarter chicken dinner.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Swiss Chalet prices in Canada.

Swiss Chalet Menu Prices Canada

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Most Popular Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Chalet Crispy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 19.69
Coconut Cream PieCAN$ 5.25
Creamy ColeslawCAN$ 3.09
2 Bottles of PopCAN$ 3.5
Quarter Chicken DinnerCAN$ 16.19

Nashville Hot

Menu ItemPrice
Nashville Hot Wings Dinner – 12 PiecesCAN$ 23.49
Nashville Hot Wings Dinner – 8 PiecesCAN$ 18.89
Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 18.89

Dinner Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Dinner for the FamilyCAN$ 68.29
Dinner & Dessert for 1CAN$ 28.99
Deluxe Dinner for 2CAN$ 48.79
Deluxe Dinner for 1CAN$ 24.99

Crispy Chicken

Menu ItemPrice
Wings Dinner 12 PiecesCAN$ 22.29
Wings Dinner 8 PiecesCAN$ 17.49
Wings 15 PiecesCAN$ 24.39
Wings 10 PiecesCAN$ 18.59
Wings 5 PiecesCAN$ 11.79
Nashville Hot Wings Dinner – 12 PiecesCAN$ 23.49
Nashville Hot Wings Dinner – 8 PiecesCAN$ 18.89
Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 18.89


Menu ItemPrice
Garden SaladCAN$ 7.79
Caesar SaladCAN$ 7.79
Chalet Chicken Soup BowlCAN$ 6.79
Chalet Chicken Soup CupCAN$ 5.69
Chicken Spring RollsCAN$ 9.89
Cheese PerogiesCAN$ 9.89
Wings 5 PiecesCAN$ 11.79
Wings 10 PiecesCAN$ 18.59
Wings 15 PiecesCAN$ 24.39

Rotisserie Chicken

Menu ItemPrice
Double Leg DinnerCAN$ 17.99
Half Chicken DinnerCAN$ 19.89
Quarter Chicken Dinner – White MeatCAN$ 17.99
Quarter Chicken DinnerCAN$ 16.19

BBQ Ribs

Menu ItemPrice
1/2 Rack Back Ribs & Quarter ChickenCAN$ 30.09
1/2 Rack Back Ribs and 5 WingsCAN$ 29.29
Full Rack BBQ Back RibsCAN$ 32.79
1/2 Rack BBQ Back RibsCAN$ 25.39

Sandwiches & Salads

Menu ItemPrice
Caesar Salad – No ChickenCAN$ 16.49
Caesar Salad with ChickenCAN$ 19.49
Rotisserie Chicken on a BunCAN$ 17.89
Rotisserie Chicken Club WrapCAN$ 17.89
NEW! Smoky BBQ Rib SandwichCAN$ 20.69
NEW! Hearty Vegetable Pot PieCAN$ 18.59
Chicken Pot PieCAN$ 18.59
Harvest SaladCAN$ 15.99
Harvest Salad with ChickenCAN$ 18.99
Wings Dinner 12 PiecesCAN$ 22.29
Wings Dinner 8 PiecesCAN$ 17.49
Chalet Crispy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 16.69
Nashville Hot Wings Dinner – 12 PiecesCAN$ 23.49
Nashville Hot Wings Dinner – 8 PiecesCAN$ 18.89
Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 18.89

Poutines Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Chalet PoutineCAN$ 14.99
Classic PoutineCAN$ 14.99

Swiss Chalet Kids Meals

Menu ItemPrice
Kids Cheesy PizzaCAN$ 10.79
Kids CheeseburgerCAN$ 10.79
Kids BurgerCAN$ 10.79

Swiss Chalet Desserts Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Vanilla CheesecakeCAN$ 6.25
Fudge CakeCAN$ 6.25
Coconut Cream PieCAN$ 5.25
Lemon Meringue PieCAN$ 5.25
Pecan PieCAN$ 5.25
Apple PieCAN$ 5.25

Extra Sides & Sauces

Menu ItemPrice
Chalet House Salad DressingCAN$ 0.79
Smoky BBQ Rib Sauce (2 oz.)CAN$ 0.49
Home-Style Gravy (12 oz.)CAN$ 1.79
Home-Style Gravy (4 oz.)CAN$ 0.79
Chalet Dipping Sauce (12 oz)CAN$ 1.79
Chalet Dipping Sauce (4 oz.)CAN$ 0.79
Creamy ColeslawCAN$ 3.09
Sweet Potato FriesCAN$ 6.29
Creamy Mashed PotatoesCAN$ 3.09
Oven Baked-PotatoCAN$ 3.09
PoutineCAN$ 5.7
Fresh Cut FriesCAN$ 3.09
Chalet Seasoned Fresh-Cut FriesCAN$ 3.09
Market VegetablesCAN$ 3.09
Chalet MayoCAN$ 0.49

Swiss Chalet Drinks Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Dole Apple JuiceCAN$ 2.89
Dole Orange JuiceCAN$ 2.89
Pure Leaf® Lemon Iced TeaCAN$ 3.09
MontellierCAN$ 2.59
Aquafina WaterCAN$ 2.09
2 Bottles of PopCAN$ 3.5
4 Bottles of PopCAN$ 6.79
Ginger AleCAN$ 1.99
Root BeerCAN$ 1.99
7UPCAN$ 1.99
Pepsi Zero SugarCAN$ 1.99
Diet PepsiCAN$ 1.99
PepsiCAN$ 1.99
NEW bubly blackberry sparkling waterCAN$ 1.59
Bubly cherry sparkling waterCAN$ 1.59
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FAQ’s About Swiss Chalet Menu With Prices Canada

Answer: Swiss Chalet opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at 10:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Swiss Chalet menu Canada, costing CAN$0.49.

Answer: Full Rack BBQ Back Ribs are CAN$ 32.79, making them the most expensive item on Swiss Chalet Canada menu.

Answer: Swiss Chalet Family PAKS are cost $39.99(Costs $9.99 per person). Remember this is available for delivery and Pickup.

Answer: Yes, Swiss Chalet delivers with their own delivery services and also uses Uber Eats.

About Swiss Chalet Canada

The first Swiss Chalet restaurant was opened at 234 Bloor Street West in Toronto in 1954 by Rick Mauran. They started with a small restaurant and currently have more than 200 locations across Canada and exist in more than 80% of the country.
The Swiss Chalet Canada menu is famous for rotisserie chicken.
Swiss Chalet Menu has become a beloved casual fast food restaurant chain because of their rotisserie and dipping sauces. They have a welcoming environment and a wide range of menu items that allow people to eat at their convenience. The Swiss chalet features items including ribs, chicken rotisserie, and burgers. It made their menu diverse and easy for you to select.

Why Swiss Chalet Menu Canada is Popular

No matter where we are in Canada, we see one common thing, which is Swiss Chalet. This is because of their dedication to quality, diverse menu options, welcoming environment for families, and last but not least, rotisserie chicken.
Some features that make Swiss stand out among the best in Canada are:


Whether you are going to dine or takeaway at Swiss Chalet, you are always satisfied with their quality products because they always ensure quality in their meals and are consistent in it.  They have been bringing taste and quality to Canadians for years.

Excellent and Welcoming Atmosphere;

If you are planning to go with friends or on a family outing, there are always some good vibes at Swiss Chalet because of the welcoming environment. It is excellent and a Canadian favourite for get-togethers or comfortable meals.

Diverse Menu

The Swiss Chalet menu in Canada is diverse and goes beyond rotisserie chicken; it features classic menu items like ribs, chicken, burgers, and pasta dishes. The quality, taste, and wide range of menu items make it a go-to spot

Convenience and Swiss Chalet Prices Affordability

Swiss Chalet Restaurant not only has a diverse menu offering but also a network chain with over 200 locations, which makes it more convenient for you to eat at your nearby restaurant to satisfy your appetite. Another convenience is the Swiss Chalet menu with prices; they have both taste and affordability in their menu.

Alternatives to Swiss Chalet menu prices Canada

Swiss Chalet menu prices are cheap,and it has one of the best rotisserie chicken, burgers, and pasta dish options because of its consistent quality and taste. But what if it is not in your driving range and you want to quickly satisfy your craving?

We sorted this out for you and listed some alternatives to Swiss Chalet in Canada that can give you some taste.

Boston Pizza

Boston can be a good alternative because this is a popular casual dining restaurant that offers a wide variety of dishes, including pizza, pasta, and other casual dining options.

Montana’s BBQ & Bar

Montana’s BBQ is a casual dining restaurant chain known for its BBQ and smokehouse-style dishes, including ribs, burgers, and steaks


Milestones can also be a good option as a casual dining restaurant chain that offers a wide range of menus with a focus on modern and upscale dishes, including burgers, seafood, and steak.


Kelsey’s is a Canadian chain of casual dining restaurants known for its pleasant atmosphere and menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, and other casual dishes.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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