Wendy’s Amazing Leap Day Celebration: A Free Breakfast Giveaway!

Wendy’s is spreading joy by offering a complimentary Cinnabon Pull-Apart to all customers during breakfast hours, which conclude at 10:30 a.m. local time.

Celebrate Leap Day with Wendy’s Sweet Surprises

In the spirit of Leap Year, Wendy’s is turning February 29 into a breakfast bonanza with an irresistible treat for all Canadian food enthusiasts. As part of their exciting new menu collaboration with Cinnabon, Wendy’s introduces the delicious Cinnabon Pull-Apart, and they are giving it away for free this week to celebrate the extra day.

The Cinnabon Pull-Apart

Wendy’s latest collaboration with Cinnabon brings a delicious innovation to their breakfast menu: the Cinnabon Pull-Apart. Picture this: Danish dough, coated in glaze, baked with cinnamon, brown butter, and sugar, and crowned with Cinnabon’s iconic cream cheese frosting. This sweet delight is exclusively available during Wendy’s breakfast hours, promising a perfect start to your day.

Free Breakfast for All: A Leap Day Special

On February 29, Wendy’s is spreading joy by offering a complimentary Cinnabon Pull-Apart to all customers during breakfast hours, which conclude at 10:30 a.m. local time. No strings attached, no purchase necessary, and no need to fumble with the Wendy’s app. However, for those who choose to make a purchase through the app, extra perks await as they gain points and secure the free Cinnabon Pull-Apart.

Weekend Breakfast Beyond Leap Day

Wendy’s ensures the celebration extends beyond Leap Day. On March 1, DashPass by DoorDash members can enjoy up to $15 off their Wendy’s breakfast order. Simply add at least $12 worth of breakfast items, including the must-try Cinnabon Pull-Apart, and the $15 credit will magically apply to the order.

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A Sweet Weeklong Treat: March 2–March 10

The festivities continue from March 2 through March 10, as DashPass by DoorDash members can snag a free Cinnabon Pull-Apart with any $12 Wendy’s breakfast order. Load up your cart with delicious Wendy’s breakfast items, add the appealing Cinnabon Pull-Apart, and DoorDash will deduct the bakery item from your total.

More Leap Day Deals Across Town

Wendy’s is not the only one celebrating Leap Day with a culinary extravaganza. Krispy Kreme, Taco Bell, Noodles & Company, and 7-Eleven are among the many offering special deals. From discounted dozens to $2.29 wings, the city is alive with Leap Day delights.

Conclusion: Join Wendy’s at the Leap Day Feast!

If you find yourself on the hunt for a delicious, complimentary breakfast on February 29, Wendy’s is the place to be. Whether you’re enjoying in the free Cinnabon Pull-Apart or exploring other delightful Leap Day deals across town, it’s a meal worth enjoying. So, mark your calendars and make your way to Wendy’s for a Leap Day breakfast extravaganza—your taste buds will thank you!

FAQs About Pull Apart Cinnabon

1. What is the Cinnabon Pull-Apart made of?

  • The Cinnabon Pull-Apart is crafted from warm, buttery dough bites, baked together with the renowned Cinnabon® cinnamon, and generously topped with Wendy’s signature cream cheese frosting. It’s a delightful combination that promises to satisfy your sweet cravings.

2. When will Wendy’s Cinnabon Pull-Aparts be available in Canada?

  • Canadian fans, rejoice! Wendy’s Cinnabon Pull-Aparts are set to hit Canadian menus starting March 18. Mark your calendars for a date with this delectable breakfast delight.

3. Can I find the Cinnabon Pull-Apart on Wendy’s regular menu?

  • Absolutely! The Cinnabon Pull-Apart will join Wendy’s regular breakfast menu, ensuring you can indulge in this sweet sensation during your morning routine.

4. Is the Cinnabon Pull-Apart available throughout the day, or only during breakfast hours?

  • The Cinnabon Pull-Apart will be available during Wendy’s breakfast hours. Be sure to check with your local Wendy’s for specific breakfast hours in your area.

5. Are there any special promotions or deals for the Cinnabon Pull-Apart launch?

  • While specific promotions may vary, Wendy’s often surprises customers with exciting deals during new menu launches. Keep an eye on Wendy’s announcements and promotions for potential sweet surprises.

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