The 4 Healthiest Low-Sugar Choices for Diabetes at Dunkin

Say goodbye to sugary drinks and the subsequent blood sugar spikes! Opt for these dietitian-approved, low-sugar alternatives and savor a healthier choice instead


A Cozy Visit to Dunkin’ with Diabetes in Mind

A trip to Dunkin’ is a delightful experience, but for those managing diabetes, the sugary options can be overwhelming. Fear not! Let’s explore some low-sugar drink choices that keep things sweet without an unwanted sugar spike.

1. Latte Love

A Balanced Brew

Starting the day right can be as simple as a small latte. Made with whole milk, this choice boasts only 9 grams of natural sugar. It’s a win-win – get your caffeine fix without the added sugar fuss. Plus, the protein and fat in milk help keep blood sugar levels steady.

2. Americano Adventure 

A Simple Twist to Your Coffee Routine

If you’re a fan of black coffee, consider an Americano for a change. With no added sugar, this mix of espresso and hot water brings a creamy element to your cup. Add a splash of milk for extra flavor and the benefits of protein and fat, ensuring satisfaction without compromising your health.

3. Iced Green Tea Chill

Keeping It Cool and Smart

Opting for unsweetened iced green tea is a refreshing choice that won’t play tricks on your blood sugar. With no added sugar, it’s a cool companion for warm days. Studies even suggest potential benefits for diabetes management, making it a smart and tasty option.

4. Blueberry Bliss

 Adding Flavor Without the Guilt

For those craving a burst of flavor, the unsweetened iced tea with blueberries is a top pick. At just 15 calories and zero grams of sugar, it’s a guilt-free indulgence. Perfect for days when you want something refreshing without the sugar roller coaster.

Conclusion: Sip Smart, Savor Every Sip

Dunkin’ doesn’t have to be off-limits for those with diabetes. With these smart drink choices, you can enjoy your favourite beverages without compromising your health. So, the next time you’re at Dunkin’, make a conscious choice, sip smart, and savor every moment. Cheers to delightful and health-conscious sips!

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