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Pizza Hut menu with prices has about 12 menu deals for you with more than 60 items, from Limited Time Only to Dessert Menu, and here you will get all the latest prices on the Pizza Hut menu.
Pizza Hut has been serving the iconic pizza to the world since 1958 and to Canadians for about 50 years, working worldwide with nearly 18,000 restaurants.

Pizza hut menu with prices canada

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Pizza Hut menu with prices in Canada.

Pizza Hut Menu With Prices Canada

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Menu ItemPrice
Mozzarella SticksCAN$ 11.99
Cinnabon® Mini RollsCAN$ 12.99
Large BreadsticksCAN$ 9.49
TraditionalCAN$ 9.99
Boneless BitesCAN$ 12.79

Limited Time Only

Menu ItemPrice
Create your Own FlatbreadCAN$ 9.19
Flatbread – Hawaiian CrownCAN$ 9.19
Flatbread – Chicken and MushroomCAN$ 9.19
Flatbread – VeggieCAN$ 9.19
Flatbread – Italian MeatsCAN$ 9.19
Flatbread – Beyond Italian Sausage AlfredoCAN$ 9.19

14″ Large Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
14″ Large BBQ ChickenCAN$ 29.32
14″ Large Chicken CaesarCAN$ 28.17
14″ Large Cheese Lover’s®CAN$ 28.17
14″ Large Triple CrownCAN$ 28.17
14″ Large Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 29.32
14″ Large CanadianCAN$ 28.17
14″ Large Veggie Lover’s®CAN$ 28.17
14″ Large Meat Lover’s®CAN$ 29.32
14″ Large Pepperoni Lover’sCAN$ 29.32
14″ Large HawaiianCAN$ 28.17
14″ Large Super Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 30.47
14″ Large The Great “Beyond”CAN$ 29.32
14″ Large Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCAN$ 29.32
14″ Large Create Your Own19.54CAN$ 19.54

12″ Medium Pizzas

Menu itemItem Prices
12″ Medium BBQ ChickenCAN$ 25.29
12″ Medium Chicken CaesarCAN$ 24.14
12″ Medium Cheese Lover’s®CAN$ 24.14
12″ Medium Triple CrownCAN$ 24.14
12″ Medium Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 25.29
12″ Medium CanadianCAN$ 24.14
12″ Medium Veggie Lover’s®CAN$ 24.14
12″ Medium Meat Lover’s®CAN$ 25.29
12″ Medium Pepperoni Lover’sCAN$ 25.29
12″ Medium HawaiianCAN$ 24.14
12″ Medium Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCAN$ 25.29
12″ Medium The Great “Beyond”CAN$ 25.29
12″ Medium Super Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 26.44
12″ Medium Create Your OwnCAN$ 17.24

9″ Small Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
9″ Small BBQ ChickenCAN$ 19.54
9″ Small Chicken CaesarCAN$ 18.97
9″ Small Cheese Lover’s®CAN$ 18.97
9″ Small Triple CrownCAN$ 18.97
9″ Small Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 19.54
9″ Small CanadianCAN$ 18.97
9″ Small Veggie Lover’s®CAN$ 18.97
9″ Small Meat Lover’s®CAN$ 19.54
9″ Small Pepperoni Lover’sCAN$ 19.54
9″ Small HawaiianCAN$ 18.97
9″ Small Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCAN$ 19.54
9″ Small The Great “Beyond”CAN$ 19.54
9″ Small Super Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 20.69
9″ Small Create Your OwnCAN$ 13.79

6″ Personal Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
6″ Personal BBQ ChickenCAN$ 8.04
6″ Personal Chicken CaesarCAN$ 7.47
6″ Personal Cheese Lover’s®CAN$ 7.47
6″ Personal Triple CrownCAN$ 7.47
6″ Personal Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 8.04
6″ Personal CanadianCAN$ 7.47
6″ Personal Veggie Lover’s®CAN$ 7.47
6″ Personal Meat Lover’s®CAN$ 8.04
6″ Personal Pepperoni Lover’sCAN$ 8.04
6″ Personal HawaiianCAN$ 7.47
6″ Personal Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCAN$ 8.04
6″ Personal The Great “Beyond”CAN$ 8.04
6″ Personal Super Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 9.19
6″ Personal Create Your OwnCAN$ 5.74

XL Panormous® Pizzas

Menu ItemPrices
XL Panormous® BBQ ChickenCAN$ 33.34
XL Panormous® Chicken CaesarCAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® Triple CrownCAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® Cheese Lover’s®CAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® Veggie Lover’s®CAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 33.34
XL Panormous® CanadianCAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® Meat Lover’s®CAN$ 33.34
XL Panormous® Pepperoni Lover’sCAN$ 33.34
XL Panormous® HawaiianCAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® Grilled Chicken ArrabbiataCAN$ 31.62
XL Panormous® The Great “Beyond”CAN$ 32.77
XL Panormous® Super Supreme Lover’s®CAN$ 34.49
XL Panormous® Create Your OwnCAN$ 20.69

Pizza Hut Pasta Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Family Mediterranean VegetableCAN$ 17.99
Regular Mediterranean VegetableCAN$ 10.99
Family Mediterranean con PolloCAN$ 20.49
Regular Mediterranean con PolloCAN$ 12.49
Family Meaty MarinaraCAN$ 20.49
Regular Meaty MarinaraCAN$ 12.49
Family Creamy Chicken AlfredoCAN$ 20.49
Regular Creamy Chicken AlfredoCAN$ 12.49
Family Beyond Creamy AlfredoCAN$ 17.99
Regular Beyond Creamy AlfredoCAN$ 10.99
Pizza hut menu with prices


Menu ItemPrice
Boneless BitesCAN$ 11.99
TraditionalCAN$ 12.99

Sides Menu

Menu ItemPrice
DipsCAN$ 1.19
FriesCAN$ 5.99
Large Garlic BreadCAN$ 7.49
Regular Garlic BreadCAN$ 4.99
Caesar SaladPriced by add-ons
Chicken Caesar SaladPriced by add-ons
Mozzarella SticksCAN$ 12.79
Large BreadsticksCAN$ 94.9
Regular BreadsticksCAN$ 5.99

Dessert Menu

Menu ItemPrice
The Ultimate Hershey’s® Chipits® CookieCAN$ 8.99
Hershey’s® Chipits® Triple Chocolate BrownieCAN$ 9.99
Cinnabon® Mini RollsCAN$ 9.99
S’more PleaseCAN$ 10.34
Chocolate Fudge BrownieCAN$ 10.34
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough®CAN$ 10.34
Half Baked®CAN$ 10.34

Drinks Menu

Menu ItemPrice
CanCAN$ 2.29
2 LiterCAN$ 4.79
591ml BottleCAN$ 3.49
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FAQ’s About Pizza Hut Menu Canada

Answer: Pizza Hut Restaurant opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at 10:00 p.m in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Pizza Hut menu in Canada, costing CAN$ 4.99.

Answer: XL Panormous® Super Supreme Lover’s® are CAN$ 34.49, making them the most expensive item on the Pizza Hut menu in Canada.

Answer: The price of Large Cheese Lover’s® Pizza is CAN$28.17. There are many other options available for large pizzas; they range from CAN$19.54 to CAN$30.47, depending on the flavour.

About Pizza Hut Canada

Pizza Hut menu with prices Canada is one of the most beloved restaurants among Canadians, and it has been serving Canadians for many decades. Pizza Hut is now a household name, known for its diverse menu items and welcoming dining experience.
Whether you’re looking for a Grilled Chicken Arrabbiata pizza, a unique stuffed-crust creation, or a Family Creamy Chicken Alfredo, the Pizza Hut menu with prices in Canada offers something for everyone.

Alternatives to the Pizza Hut Menu with Prices Canada

Pizza Hut is a prominent name when it comes to pizza options in Canada. The Pizza Hut menu with prices in Canada is rich with cheesy pizza offerings, but this is not the last option for those looking to satisfy their cravings.
Lucky for us, there are plenty of other pizza options on the Pizza Hut menu.
These are some of the best replacements for Pizza Hut prices Canada.
1. Pizza Hotline
2. Jumbo Pizza
3. McDonald’s
4. Boston Pizza

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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