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Thai Express Menu Menu Canada has 12 menu deals for you with over 50 items, ranging from steamed chicken dumplings to Pad Thai to Vegan Fried Rice. Here you will get all the latest prices on The Alley Menu in Canada.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Thai Express Menu in Canada.

Thai Express Menu Canada

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Seasonal Specials

Menu ItemPrice
New! Thai My Cake in the BoxCAN$ 7.35
General Pad ThaiCAN$ 18.98


Menu ItemPrice
Steamed Chicken Dumplings (4 pcs)CAN$ 5.95
Fried Chicken Dumplings (4 pcs)CAN$ 5.95
Mango SaladCAN$ 8.9
3pcs Thai Chicken WingsCAN$ 6.3
6pcs Thai Chicken WingsCAN$ 10.05
9pcs Thai Chicken WingsCAN$ 15.1
General Thai® Bok Bok BagCAN$ 6.8
Thai Express menu Canada


Menu ItemPrice
Mini Thai SoupCAN$ 6.85
Tom Yum SoupCAN$ 14.58
Thai SoupCAN$ 14.58
Mini Tom Yum SoupCAN$ 6.85


Menu ItemPrice
Mango SaladCAN$ 8.9
Pad SaladCAN$ 14.58

Signature Thai Dishes

Menu ItemPrice
General CurryCAN$ 15.98
General ThairachaCAN$ 15.98
General Thai™ PineappleCAN$ 15.98
General Thai™ MangoCAN$ 15.98
Fried RiceCAN$ 14.58
Stir-FryCAN$ 14.58
Pad ThaiCAN$ 14.58

Gluten-Friendly Dishes

Menu ItemPrice
Gluten-Friendly Stir-FryCAN$ 14.58
Gluten-Friendly Pad ThaiCAN$ 14.58
Gluten-Friendly Pad See EwCAN$ 14.58
Gluten-Friendly CurryCAN$ 14.58
Gluten Friendly Fried RiceCAN$ 14.58

Vegan Dishes

Menu ItemPrice
Vegan Stir-FryCAN$ 14.58
Vegan Pad ThaiCAN$ 14.58
Vegan Pad See EwCAN$ 14.58
Vegan Fried RiceCAN$ 14.58

Side order

Menu ItemPrice
Bowl of riceCAN$ 2.65


Menu ItemPrice
Mango Salad & Bottled Drink ComboCAN$ 10.75
Mini Chicken Soup & Bottled Drink ComboCAN$ 9.45
Mini Beef Soup & Bottled Drink ComboCAN$ 9.9
Mini Vegetable Soup & Bottled Drink ComboCAN$ 9
Steam Dumpling & Bottled Drink ComboCAN$ 8.35
Fried Dumpling & Bottled Drink ComboCAN$ 8.35
Imperial Roll & Bottled Drink ComboCAN$ 6


Menu ItemPrice
Bottled WaterCAN$ 2.9
Pure Leaf® Iced TeaCAN$ 4.35
Asian DrinkCAN$ 4.2
Bottled JuiceCAN$ 3.65
Soft Drink Bottle (591ml)CAN$ 3.4


Menu ItemPrice
New! Thai My Cake in the BoxCAN$ 7.35

FAQ’s About Thai Express Menu Canada

Answer: Thai Express Restaurant are open 11 a.m. and close 9:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on Thai Express menu in Canada, costing CAN$5.95.

Answer: General Pad Thai are CAN$18.98, making them the most expensive item on Thai Express menu prices Canada.

About Thai Express Canada

The Journey started back in 1998, when a Mntreal businessman fell in love with Thai food. This dream becomes reality with the help of four South Asian sisters: Loune, Line, Khay, and Loy. This is how Thai Express came into our lives to satisfy our taste buds.

In 1999, one of the four sisters, Loune, opened the first Thaï Express location in Downtime, Montreal, Canada. Initially, Loune worked in operations and started refining her family recipe to be able to meet the tastes of people in North America. These sisters worked hard at the backend to make sure to provide tasteful, quality, and smooth services. The teamwork results in successful dominance in the Montreal restaurant market.

So, here Loune met Denis, a Montreal businessman, whom I have talked about at the top. The businessman and Loune started working on the project, and the role assigned to Denis was business development. In the year 2003, this professional partnership went the next step, and they got married, and the restaurant blossomed even further.
The restaurant was acquired by MTY Group in 2004. Everything remains constant except the trademark. The business development role is still under Loune Thongvan and Senior Vice President Dennis Ng.

So, Thai Express has come too far since its inception in 1998. The Thai Express menu is expanding as the locations grow at a rapid pace. Thai Express menu has some must-try items ranging from iconic Pad Thai, flavorful Green Curry, and the delightful Mango Sticky Rice dessert. The restaurant has about 300 locations, and its not over yet.

Most Popular items on Thai Express Menu in Canada

General Pad Thai

Fried Chicken Dumplings

Thai Chicken Wings

General Thairacha

Mango Salad

Mini Thai Soup

Alternatives to Thai Express Menu Canada

Asian cuisines are very famous throughout the country due to the vibrant combination of flavours, aromatic spices, and interesting textures. And the same is the case with Thai Express; people love the dishes. But if the restaurant is too far away and you want to taste a similar kind of meal,.
So, we’ve listed some alternatives to Thai Express in Canada.

1. Congee Queen
2. Royal Paan
3. Panda Express
4. Karma’s Cafe
5. Edo Japan

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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