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The keg menu in Canada is always the go-to place for food lovers. In 1971, George Tidball presented this menu, which had roughly 100 items, to Canadians for the first time. But now Keg Steakhouse is one of the most frequently visited places for food lovers, especially steak fans. You can have a variety of food menu items on the keg menu, from starters to salads or steaks, and a variety of drinks are also there to give you a refreshing end to your meal. So, explore the full Keg menu with prices below in detail.

The Keg Menu with Price Canada has about 11 menu deals for you, from starters to lunch and steak and prime ribs, and here you will get all the latest prices on the keg menu.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favorite keg menu Canada.

The Keg Menu Prices Canada

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Starters are small meal that come before meals, as on the keg menu as well, it is the first menu to presents you. The variety here will tell you that the keg menu is full of taste and deliciousness

Menu ItemsPrices
Scallops & BaconCAN$ 12
French Onion SoupCAN$ 10
Garlic Cheese ToastCAN$ 6
Baked Garlic ShrimpCAN$ 10
CalamariCAN$ 13
Shrimp CocktailCAN$ 13
Baked BrieCAN$ 12
Mushrooms NeptuneCAN$ 11
Tuna TartareCAN$ 15
EscargotCAN$ 11


The question arises here is it worth having keg salad on the table. So absolutely, because of their most loved salads, whether its keg caesar salad or steakhouse salad, you will love both and other keg salad menus as well

Menu ItemsPrices
Steakhouse SaladCAN$ 23
Iceberg WedgeCAN$ 9
Mixed GreensCAN$ 9
Keg CaesarCAN$ 9
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Casual Plates

If you are in mood to eat less and want to eat some good in casual manners, then the keg casual plates are good option with some good reviews as well. out of 437 reviews, it got 4.2-star rating on TripAdvisor, an independent review platform. So see below the keg casual plates menu and prices to enjoy

Menu ItemsPrices
Keg BurgerCAN$ 18
Tuna TacosCAN$ 14
Pr I M E R Ib S Li D E R SCAN$ 16
Portabella Mushroom BurgerCAN$ 18

Steak and Prime Rib

The keg, which is known for their steaks and some good meat dishes, steak and prime ribs are some of them, and it’s a hero of the keg steaks offering. this menu has some iconic dishes that are loved by many around canada. And if you’re also a steak and meat lover, then definitely look below the keg steak and prime rib menu prices to get informed before ordering or dining.

Menu ItemsPrices
Peppercorn New YorkCAN$ 36
Bacon WrappedCAN$ 40
Filet MignonCAN$ 35
New York StriploinCAN$ 34
Baseball Top SirloinCAN$ 31
Rib Steak Bone-InCAN$ 40
Bleu Cheese FiletCAN$ 37
Teriyaki SirloinCAN$ 27
Top SirloinCAN$ 23
Prime RibCAN$ 30

Keg Classic

What does the keg classics includes? This keg classic menu covers everything from all your favorite prime ribs to top siroloin to filetmignon. So, you can enjoy all your favorites in this menu section. And nothing can beat the taste of Keg steaks at affordable prices. Explore below the Keg Steakhouse classic menu prices.

Menu ItemsPrices
Top SirloinCAN$ 34
Prime RibCAN$ 38
FiletmignonCAN$ 43
Baseball Top SirloinCAN$ 39
Teriyaki SirloinCAN$ 35
New York StriploinCAN$ 42

Steak + Seafood

This section is a paradise for seafood lovers as well as steak fans, because the combo is definitely going to make you want to have more & more. Check out the keg seafood menu with prices below.

Menu ItemsPrices
Sirloin OscarCAN$ 36
Filet & Cajun ShrimpCAN$ 29
Steak & CrabCAN$ 45
Steak & LobsterCAN$ 42


Menu ItemsPrices
Supreme Chicken BreastCAN$ 26
Bacon Wrapped ChickenCAN$ 27
Thai ChickenCAN$ 24


Menu ItemsPrices
Pistachio Crusted SalmonCAN$ 8.59
Honey Glazed SalmonCAN$ 9.79
Sesame TunaCAN$ 8.09

Red Vine

What’s on the keg drink menu? The first thing on this drink menu section is Red Vine, which has the most variety from any other menu of the keg. See below for a variety of keg drink menus and prices.

Menu ItemsPrices
Bousquet “Los Cuatro” Cabernet & Malbec – Menclot – ArgentinaCAN$ 8.5
Strik. “Jet” Shiraz & Cabernet – South AustraliaCAN$ 9
J. Lob, Estates “Horn. Ra,Ch” Petit Verdot & Petite Sirab- Paso Robles, CaliforniaCAN$ 10
Jackson-Triggs “Proprietors’ Selection” Merlot – InternationalCAN$ 6
Concannon “Selected Vineyards” Pinot Noir CaliforniaCAN$ 6.5
Jacob’s Creek Slurax – South Eastern AustraliaCAN$ 7
Santa Carolina Reserva Merlot – Colchagua Valley, ChileCAN$ 7.5
Bousguet Organic Maibec – Mendoza, ArgentinaCAN$ 8
Mas; Valpoliccila “Bonacosta” Corvina & Rondincila – Vencto, ItalyCAN$ 8
Robert Mondavi “Woodbddge” Cabernet Sauvignon – CaliforniaCAN$ 8
Painter Bridge Zinfandel – CaliforniaCAN$ 8
Individual macaroni saladCAN$ 3.49
Blasted Church Syrak – Okanagan Valley, B.C.CAN$ 12
J. Lohr Estates “Seven Oaks” Cabernet Sauvignon – Paso Robles, CaliforniaCAN$ 12.5
S.Bastiani Cabernet Sauvignon – Alexander Valley, CaliforniaCAN$ 15

White Vine

Menu ItemsPrices
J Lohr Estates Riverstone” Charclonnay – Monterey, CaliforniaCAN$ 12
See Ya Later Ranch Gewiîrztraminer – Okanagan Valley, B.C.CAN$ 9.5
Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc – Marlborough, New ZealandCAN$ 8.5
Robert Mondavi “Woodbridge” Charclonnay – CaliforniaCAN$ 7.5
Inniskillin “Niagara Estate” Riesling – Niagara Peninsula, OntarioCAN$ 7.5
Robert Mondavi ‘Woo.Clbri4ge” White Zinfandel – CaliforniaCAN$ 7
Jackson Trggs “Proprietors’ Selection” Chardonnay – InternationalCAN$ 6
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Menu ItemsPrices
Bbq Ribs HalfrackCAN$ 22
Chicken & RibsCAN$ 30
Bbq Ribs FullrackCAN$ 30

FAQ’s About The Keg Menu Prices

Answer: The Keg Restaurant opens at 3pm and closes at 11pm.

Answer: This is the cheapest item at the keg menu Canada that costs CAN$6.

Answer: The price for the Rib Steak Bone is CAN$ 40, and it is the most expensive item on the Keg menu Canada.

Answer: The best to eat at The keg steakhouse will definetly depends on your peronal preference but they are known for their best steaks in the town. But here are some options

  1. Prime Rib
  2. Filet Mignon
  3. New York Strip
  4. Ribeye
  5. Steak Oscar

Answer: Yes, The Keg Steakhouse offers a lunch menu at many of its locations. Lunch menus at The Keg may feature a selection of lighter and more affordable options compared to their dinner menu. These options often include salads, sandwiches, and smaller portions of their signature steak and seafood dishes.

Answer: The best meal at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar can vary widely depending on individual tastes and preferences. The Keg is known for its high-quality steaks, but they also offer a variety of other dishes to cater to different palates. Here are a few options that many people enjoy:

  1. Prime Rib: The Keg is renowned for its prime rib, which is slow-roasted and served with au jus and horseradish. It’s a classic choice and a favorite among many diners.

Answer: The cost of dinner at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar can vary depending on factors such as location, menu selection, and any additional items ordered. On average, a dinner at The Keg typically ranges from $30 to $60 per person

About The Keg Canada

The world knows Keg Restaurant Menu for its mouthwatering, delicious steaks, and classy atmosphere. The first restaurant was started in 1971, and they expanded their food venture to about 160 locations throughout Canada and the USA. Now that this is the first go-to place for steakhouse lovers, you should visit the keg for some good steaks and a Canadian dinner.

Alternatives of The Keg Menu Canada

So, steak lover, are you tired of going to the same place again and again? And if you go out of a steakhouse to experience something new and explore some new steak restaurants, then there are some alternatives.

1. Swiss Chalat
2. Burger King
3. Wendy’s

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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