Chipotle Restaurant Menu and Prices in Canada: 2024

Chipotle Menu Canada has menu deals for you with over 30 items, ranging from the Burrito Bowl, Tacos, and salads to the vegetarian salad bowl, and here you will get all the latest prices on Chipotle Restaurant Menu Canada.

In the heart of Canada, Chipotle Mexican Grill is a Mexican-inspired American fast food restaurant chain operating in Canada Since 2008. Chipotle opened its first location in Toronto, Canada.

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Menu ItemPrice
Burrito BowlCAN$ 13.30
Three TacosCAN$ 13.30
BurritoCAN$ 13.30
SaladCAN$ 13.30
Kid’s QuesadillaCAN$ 7.3
Large Side of Queso BlancoCAN$6.65
Large Side of GuacamoleCAN$ 6.65
QuesadillaCAN$ 14.05
Kid’s Build Your OwnCAN$ 8.2


Menu ItemPrice
Burrito BowlCAN$ 13.3
BurritoCAN$ 13.3
SaladCAN$ 13.3
Three TacosCAN$ 13.3
TacosCAN$ 4.8
QuesadillaCAN$ 14.05
Kid’s Build Your OwnCAN$ 8.2
Kid’s QuesadillaCAN$ 7.3


Menu ItemPrice
Chips & GuacamoleCAN$ 5.25
Large Chips & Large Queso BlancoCAN$ 9.5
Large Chips & Large GuacamoleCAN$ 9.5
Side of GuacamoleCAN$ 3.35
Chips & Queso BlancoCAN$ 5.25
Chips & Fresh Tomato SalsaCAN$ 3.15
ChipsCAN$ 1.9
Tortilla on the SideCAN$ 0.45
Large Side of GuacamoleCAN$ 6.65
Side of Queso BlancoCAN$ 3.35


Menu ItemPrice
Blood Orange Sparkling Fruit BeverageCAN$ 3.55
Lemon Sparkling Fruit BeverageCAN$ 3.55
Orange Sparkling Fruit BeverageCAN$ 3.55
Bottled WaterCAN$ 2.7

Lifestyle Bowls

Menu ItemPrice
Vegan BowlCAN$ 13.3
High Protein BowlCAN$ 18.7
Keto Salad BowlCAN$ 16.65
Vegetarian Salad BowlCAN$ 13.3
Keto Salad BowlCAN$ 17.3
Whole30® Salad BowlCAN$ 16.65
Paleo Salad BowlCAN$ 16.65

FAQ’s About Chipotle Restaurant Menu Canada

Answer: Chipotle Restaurant opens at 10:45 a.m. and closes at 10:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Chipotle menu prices in Canada, costing CAN$1.90

Answer: Quesadillas are CAN$ 14.05, making them the most expensive item on chipotle restaurant menu.

About Chipotle Canada Menu

In July 1993, Steve Ells opened the first Chipotle Mexican Grill in Denver, Colorado. specializing in bowls, tacos, and Mission burritos. Ells is the man behind these delicious menu items: tacos and burritos. He has a magical taste in his hands, which gives them huge success among restaurants in the first year of their establishment. They sold more than they expected in their first year, and this laid the foundation for the second location in 1995. That journey is continuing, and they have about 2000 locations.

In Canada, Chipotle opened its first branch in 2008, and this was its first outside the USA. Chipotle’s menu mainly consists of burritos and tacos, and they have not expanded it too much because Ells believed that Chipotle should keep focusing on doing better instead of trying everything and doing nothing. Although they have experimented with the breakfast menus at airports, they decided to discontinue them.

Alternatives to Chipotle Menu With Prices in Canada

The Chipotle Mexican Grill Menu is the best in taste and famous because of the delicious burritos and salad bowls, but on the other hand, it is limited too. So, what if you are thinking of expanding your options and trying everything on one table? Then there are plenty of other options available in Canada that are quite similar to the Chipotle menu. Look at these alternatives to Chipotle in Canada!
1. A&W

2. Wendy’s

3. Popeyes

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