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Gong Cha Menu Canada has 15 menu deals for you with over 100 items, ranging from Wintermelon Latte to Oreo Chocolate Smoothie to Mango Yogurt. Here you will get all the latest prices on the Gong Cha Menu in Canada.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Gong Cha Menu prices in Canada.

Gong Cha Menu Canada

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Brewed Tea Series

Menu ItemPrice
Taiwan Black TeaCAN$ 5.9
Taiwan Green TeaCAN$ 5.9
Taiwan Oolong TeaCAN$ 5.9
Wintermelon DrinkCAN$ 5.9
Wintermelon Oolong TeaCAN$ 5.9
Taiwan Earl Grey TeaCAN$ 5.9

Moustache Series

Menu ItemPrice
Milk Foam Green TeaCAN$ 6.7
Milk Foam Oolong TeaCAN$ 6.7
Milk Foam Earl Grey TeaCAN$ 6.7
Milk Foam Wintermelon DrinkCAN$ 6.7
Oreo Milk Foam Earl GreyCAN$ 6.7
Brown Sugar Milk Foam Oolong TeaCAN$ 6.7

Creative Mix Series

Menu ItemPrice
Honey Green TeaCAN$ 5.9
Mango Green TeaCAN$ 5.9
Lychee Oolong TeaCAN$ 5.9
Passionfruit Green Tea with QQ JellyCAN$ 6.5
QQ Grapefruit Green TeaCAN$ 6.5
Peach Green Tea with QQ JellyCAN$ 6.5
Honey GrapeFruit Green TeaCAN$ 5.9

Fresh Milk Series

Menu ItemPrice
Oolong Tea LatteCAN$ 5.9
Wintermelon LatteCAN$ 5.9
Green Tea LatteCAN$ 5.9
Earl Grey Tea LatteCAN$ 5.9
Black Tea LatteCAN$ 5.9
Fresh Milk with Red Bean and PuddingCAN$ 5.9
Fresh Milk with Grass JellyCAN$ 5.9


Menu ItemPrice
Mango SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Passionfruit SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Taro SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Lychee SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Honeydew SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Matcha SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Mango Yogurt SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Peach Yogurt SmoothieCAN$ 6.5

Milk Tea Series

Menu ItemPrice
Black Milk TeaCAN$ 5.9
Oolong Milk TeaCAN$ 5.9
Earl Grey Milk TeaCAN$ 5.9
Wintermelon Milk TeaCAN$ 5.9
Green Tea Milk TeaCAN$ 5.9
Pearl Milk TeaCAN$ 6.5
Mango Milk TeaCAN$ 6.5
Róse Milk Tea with Rose PearlCAN$ 6.5

Coffee Series

Menu ItemPrice
House Special Milk CoffeeCAN$ 5.9
Milk Foam CoffeeCAN$ 6.5
Caramel Milk CoffeeCAN$ 5.9
Coffee Milk TeaCAN$ 5.9
Oreo Coffee Milk TeaCAN$ 6.5


Menu ItemPrice
Mango Milk Foam SmoothieCAN$ 7.1
Tropical Fruit Party w/ Coconut JellyCAN$ 6.5

Bubble Waffles

Menu ItemPrice
Pearl Bubble WaffleCAN$ 5.9
Mango Bubble WaffleCAN$ 5.9
Chocolate Bubble WaffleCAN$ 5.9
Original Bubble WaffleCAN$ 5.3
Matcha Bubble WaffleCAN$ 5.9


Menu ItemPrice
Peach TeaffogatoCAN$ 6.5
Matcha TeaffogatoCAN$ 6.5
Mango TeaffogatoCAN$ 6.5

Exclusive 8

Menu ItemPrice
Creme Brûlée Brown Sugar SmoothieCAN$ 6.7
Lychee Oolong TeaCAN$ 5.9
Matcha Mango Milk Tea w/ Mango Kanten JellyCAN$ 6.7
Mango SplashCAN$ 6.7

Pomelo Series

Menu ItemPrice
Mango Pomelo SmoothieCAN$ 7.5
Pomelo Orange TeaCAN$ 7.5

Yogurt Series

Menu ItemPrice
Mango YogurtCAN$ 5.9
Peach YogurtCAN$ 5.9

Lychee Series

Menu ItemPrice
Passionfruit Greentea with 3QCAN$ 7.9
Lychee Pasionfruit GreenteaCAN$ 6
Lychee Greentea Milktea with PearlCAN$ 7.5
Creamy Passionfruit SmoothieCAN$ 6.9

Rose Milk

Menu ItemPrice
Róse Milk Tea with Rose PearlCAN$ 6.5
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FAQ’s About Gong Cha Menu Canada

Answer: The Gong Cha Restaurant are open 11 a.m. and close 10:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Gong Cha Menu in Canada, costing CAN$5.30.

Answer: Oreo Chocolate Smoothie are CAN$7.10, making them the most expensive item on the Gong Cha prices in Canada.

About Gong Cha Menu Canada

In Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Wu Zhenhua established the tea franchise Gong Cha in 2006. Initially, it was only available in Taiwan, but in 2009, it started expanding with its first location in Hong Kong, and by 2012, it had expanded internationally to South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, and China.

The Gong Cha menu featured bubble tea, also known as boba tea. You know it originally originated in Taiwan. Boba tea is a sweet and creamy beverage and has many textures. It has been a popular drink in Asia for years, but now it is gaining popularity in the United States and Canada, as there are plenty of coffee chains that have introduced Boba tea there, and Gong Cha is among them.

Most Popular items on Gong Cha Menu in Canada

Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Pearls
Prices: $5.8

Milk Tea with Pearls
Price: $5.82

QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea
Price: $6.32

Matcha Smoothie
Price: $6.59

Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J
Price: $6.59

Mango Smoothie
Price: $6.59

Alternatives to Gong Cha Menu

Gong Cha is one of the best source for bubble tea and other drinks. But if you are looking for any other place today to taste something different, then there are plenty of places available in Canada that can surely be beloved by Canadians.
There are some alternatives to the Gong Cha Menu in Canada.

1. Chatime
2. The Alley
3. Presotea
4. Starbucks
5. Freshii
6. Second Cup

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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