Chatime Menu and Prices in Canada: 2024

Chatime menu Canada has 12 menu deals for you with over 60 items, ranging from brown sugar milk tea, pearl milk tea, and mango yogurt to matcha mousse. Here you will get all the latest prices on the Chatime menu in Canada.
In early 2005, Henry Wang Yao-Hu and Wang Li-yu founded the Taiwanese Chatime Restaurant. Chatime is famous for their pearl milk tea and other featured items like milk tea, fresh tea, and fruit tea.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Chatime prices Canada.

Chatime Menu Prices Canada

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Brown Sugar

Menu ItemPrice
Brown Sugar Fresh MilkCAN$ 7.8
Brown Sugar Roasted Milk TeaCAN$ 7.2
Brown Sugar Milk TeaCAN$7.2
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk TeaCAN$ 7.6


Menu ItemPrice
Sichuan Spicy WontonCAN$ 9.99

Milk Tea

Menu ItemPrice
Jasmine Green Milk TeaCAN$ 6
Honeydew Milk TeaCAN$ 6.3
Classic Hazelnut Milk TeaCAN$ 6.3
Taro Milk TeaCAN$ 6.5
Pearl Milk TeaCAN$ 6.5
Thai Milk TeaCAN$ 6.5
Thai Coffee Milk TeaCAN$ 6.8
Chatime Roasted Milk TeaCAN$ 6.3
Chatime Milk TeaCAN$ 6.3
Chatime menu canada


Menu ItemPrice
Lemon Yoghurt SlushCAN$ 6.8
Mango SlushCAN$ 6.8
Cocoa SmoothieCAN$ 6.8
Taro MarbleCAN$ 7.7
Taro SmoothieCAN$ 6.8
Milk Tea SmoothieCAN$ 6.8
Milk Tea MarbleCAN$ 7.7
Honeydew SlushCAN$ 6.5
Passion Fruit SlushCAN$ 6.8

QQ Jelly

Menu ItemPrice
Peach QQCAN$ 7
Lychee Yoghurt QQCAN$ 7
Grass Jelly with Fresh MilkCAN$ 7
Lemon QQCAN$ 7
Grapefruit QQCAN$ 7
Passion Fruit QQCAN$ 7
Taiwan Mango QQCAN$ 7

Grape Series – New!

Menu ItemPrice
Grape Slush with Salty CreamCAN$ 7.6
Grape SlushCAN$ 7
Grape Green TeaCAN$ 6.2
Grape YogurtCAN$ 6.2

Fruit Tea

Menu ItemPrice
Lychee Black TeaCAN$ 6.3
Yoghurt Green/Black TeaCAN$ 6.3
Passion Fruit Green TeaCAN$ 6.3
Kumquat Green TeaCAN$ 6.3
Peach Green/Black TeaCAN$ 6.3
Mango Green TeaCAN$ 6.3
Lemon Green/Black TeaCAN$ 6.3
Hawaiian Fruit TeaCAN$ 6.3
Grapefruit Green/Black TeaCAN$ 6.3

Refreshing Juice

Menu ItemPrice
Honey Lemon AloeCAN$ 6.8
Lemon Yoghurt JuiceCAN$ 6.3
Kumquat JuiceCAN$ 6
Lemon JuiceCAN$ 6
Kumquat Lemon JuiceCAN$ 6
Mango YoghurtCAN$ 6.3


Menu ItemPrice
Wintermelon MousseCAN$ 6.8
Wintermelon Lemon JuiceCAN$ 6.2
Wintermelon Fresh MilkCAN$ 6.8
Wintermelon DewCAN$ 6.2

Fresh Tea

Menu ItemPrice
Earl Gray TeaCAN$ 5.25
Black TeaCAN$ 5.25
Jasmine Green TeaCAN$ 5.25


Menu ItemPrice
Matcha Tea LatteCAN$  6.8
Green Tea LatteCAN$  6.8
Black Tea LatteCAN$  6.8


Menu ItemPrice
Matcha MousseCAN$  6.8
Green Tea MousseCAN$  6.3
Chocolate MousseCAN$  6.8
Black Tea MousseCAN$  6.3
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FAQ’s About Chatime Menu Price Canada

Answer: The Chatime Restaurant opens at 11:30 a.m. and closes at 11:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Chatime Canada menu, costing CAN$5.25.

Answer: Brown Sugar Fresh Milk are CAN$ 7.80, making them the most expensive item on Chatime Canada menu.

Answer: It’s a free birthday gift drink. You have to register your birthday, and it will be added to your card seven days before your birthday.

Answer: Chatime came to Canada in 2011 after six years of their first location.

About Chatime Canada

Chatime has been ruling the world of tea with more than 2500 locations worldwide since its inception in 2005 by Henry Wang Yao-Hu and Wang Li-yu. The first branch was opened in Taiwan, and then soon they started growing rapidly outside Taiwan. The first location outside was in California. Currently, Chatime is operating in about 62 countries.
The major regions are;

United States
02EuropeUnited Kingdom
Republic of Ireland
Czech Republic
03Middle EastUnited Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia
New Zealand
Hong Kong (China)
Macau (China)
South Korea

Core Features that distinguish Chatime from Competitors

Chatime is known for its world-famous bubble tea and diverse menu. People love them for different reasons.
These are some core features that prove why they are best


The quality of any product comes with its ingredients, and this is one of the core features of Chatime: the way they use ingredients. They use hand-picked quality tea leaves to ensure freshness and maximize the aroma, which will refresh your mood altogether. If we talk about other chatime drinks, they don’t use any artificial flavours; instead, they use fresh and real fruits that maintain quality and health.

Diverse menu:

Another good thing about Chatime is the wide range of options on the menu, whether its classic milk tea or innovative fruit blends. The menu also offers a variety of toppings, including jelly and pudding, to add some extra flavour. They also value your visit because of their commitment to ensuring that every tastebud is covered.

Chatime prices Canada:

Chatime menu prices in Canada are another feature of teahouses. Chatime offers a wide range of quality tea options with some great menu prices. It is affordable with respect to their quality and taste. It means you have no need to break the bank to enjoy the taste of chatime.

Customer service:

Chatime understands that the quality of tea is not the last thing to sustain in the industry, which is why they always give equal importance to the environment at the tea house. They have professional staff; they are quite welcoming, polite, and always here to help you.

Enviroment friendly:

Chatime also shows their commitment to sustainability. They embrace an eco-friendly environment by using eco-friendly materials and good sourcing. They support the environment by using environmentally friendly appliances. They not only care about their customers but also work on a broader level by ensuring a healthier environment for everyone.


In conclusion, Chatime is the all-in-one place for you. Chatime will never disappoint you, whether you want to take fresh beverages or milk tea with quality that is served by professional staff at affordable prices in Canada. Chatime Canada is always worth your visit for its quality, price, dedication, and taste.These features tell us the key to their success, and now you know why their bubble tea is world-famous.

Alternatives to Chatime Menu Canada Prices

No doubt Chatime is one of the best tea houses in Canada, with some great features and menu items. Bubble tea is very famous, as is milk tea. But this is not the last option in Canada; every restaurant has some unique features. If you are in the mood to go to another place or are not a big fan of chatime, then what?
These are some good alternatives to Chatime Canada:

1. Starbuck
2. Tim Horton’s
3. Gong cha

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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