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Second Cup menu Canada has 10 menu deals for you with over 45 items, ranging from Cappuccino to Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich to Flavoured Iced Lattes. Here you will find all the latest prices on the Second Cup menu in Canada.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Second Cup menu prices in Canada.

Second Cup Menu Canada

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Beverages – LTOs

Menu ItemPrice
Pistachio FrappéCAN$ 4.55

Coffee By The Bean

Menu ItemPrice
Medium RoastCAN$ 12.75
Dark RoastCAN$ 12.75
FlavouredCAN$ 12.35
EspressoCAN$ 12.5
Light Roast – Signature SeriesCAN$ 14.95

Breakfast & Lunch

Menu ItemPrice
Egg & Cheese Breakfast SandwichCAN$ 4.25
Egg White, Pesto and Swiss on NaanCAN$ 4.95
Bagels & SpreadsCAN$ 3.25
OatmealCAN$ 3.29
Breakfast CookieCAN$ 2.8
Three Cheese MeltCAN$ 6.75
Ham and Cheese MeltCAN$ 7.5
BananaCAN$ 1.25

Bakery & Snacks

Menu ItemPrice
MuffinsCAN$ 2.8
Wild Blueberry SconeCAN$ 2.85
Butter CroissantCAN$ 2.95
Chocolate Almond CroissantCAN$ 3.35
Banana LoafCAN$ 3.25
Breakfast CookieCAN$ 2.95
Pecan SquareCAN$ 3.5
Kind Bar Almond and CoconutCAN$ 2.5
Kind Bar Dark Choc Nuts and Sea SaltCAN$ 2.5

Better For You Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Better For You SmoothiesCAN$ 5.95
Chocolate Banana Power Smoothie with Oat MilkCAN$ 5.95

Espresso Bar

Menu ItemPrice
Flat WhiteCAN$ 4.15
LatteCAN$ 4.15
Flavoured LattesCAN$ 4.65
CappuccinoCAN$ 4.15
AmericanoCAN$ 2.95
EspressoCAN$ 2.45

Cold Bar

Menu ItemPrice
Flavoured Flash Cold BrewCAN$ 3.95
Classic Black Flash Cold BrewCAN$ 3.45
Flavoured Espresso FrappésCAN$ 4.85
Espresso FrappéCAN$ 4.65
Tea FrappésCAN$ 4.85
Eska SparklingCAN$ 2.5
FroCho (Frozen Hot Chocolate)CAN$ 4.85
Flavoured Iced LattesCAN$ 4.65
Iced LatteCAN$ 4.15

Brew Bar

Menu ItemPrice
Brewed CoffeeCAN$ 2.35
TeaCAN$ 2.45
Tea LattesCAN$ 4.45
London Fog Tea LatteCAN$ 4.45
Honey Vanilla Tea LatteCAN$ 4.55

Hot Chocolate

Menu ItemPrice
White Hot Chocolate – 450 gCAN$ 9.95
Classic Hot Chocolate – 450 gCAN$ 9.95
Hot ChocolateCAN$ 3.95

FAQ’s About Second Cup Menu Prices Canada

Answer: The Second Cup Caffee are open 08 a.m. and close 3:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Second Cup menu in Canada, costing CAN$2.80.

Answer: Light Roast – Signature Series are CAN$14.95, making them the most expensive item on the Second Cup menu with prices in Canada.

About Second Cup Canada

In 1975, the Second Cup restaurant chain and coffee retailer were founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Tom Culligan & Frank O’Dea. The Canadian restaurant chain currently operates 190 locations in Canada. Chain operates worldwide in the United States, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Angola, Ghana, Romania, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Philippines, and Bangladesh

Most Popular items on Second Cup Menu in Canada

Pistachio Frappé

Dark Roast

Breakfast Cookie

Butter Croissant

Flavoured Lattes

Flavoured Espresso Frappés

Alternatives to Second Cup Menu in Canada

There are plenty of options available in Canada to fix caffinies. And the good thing is that they are affordable too, like Second Cup. So, if you are in the mood to taste something other than Second Cup.
There are some alternatives to the Second Cup Caffee in Canada.

1. Tim Horton
2. Starbuck
3. ChaTime
4. Freshii
5. Gong Cha

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