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St-Hubert Menu Toronto has 19 menu deals for you with over 80 items, serving casual food from Chicken & sandwiches to poutine. Here you will get all the latest prices on the St-Hubert Menu in Canada.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite St-Hubert menu prices in Toronto.

St-Hubert Menu Toronto

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Appetizers (To Share)

Menu ItemPrice
6 Chicken WingsC$10.2
12 Chicken WingsC$17.7
16 Chicken WingsC$19.95
24 Chicken WingsC$24.95
8 Cheese SticksC$12.45

Appetizers (For One)

Menu ItemPrice
4 Cheese SticksC$7.2
8 Cheese SticksC$12.45
6 Chicken WingsC$10.2
12 Chicken WingsC$17.7
St-Hubert Caesar SaladC$7
Cream of ChickenC$5.45
Chicken Noodle SoupC$5.45


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Noodle SoupC$5.45
Cream of ChickenC$5.45


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken BreastC$17.95
Piri-Piri Chicken BreastC$19.5
Chicken LegC$15.95
Piri-Piri Chicken LegC$17.5
Double Chicken LegC$19.75
Piri-Piri Double Chicken LegC$21.25
Half ChickenC$21.75
Piri-Piri Half ChickenC$23.25


Menu ItemPrice
Half Rack of RibsC$21.95
Full Rack of RibsC$31.5

Combo (Chicken and Ribs)

Menu ItemPrice
Quarter Piri-Piri Chicken Breast and Half Rack of RibsC$30.5
Half Rack of Pork Ribs and Piri-Piri Chicken LegC$28.5
Half Rack of Ribs & Chicken LegC$26.95
Quarter Chicken Breast & Half Rack of RibsC$28.95

Vegetarian Options

Menu ItemPrice
Veggie Bangkok SaladC$18.95
Crispy Veggie StripsC$18.5
St-Hubert Veggie WrapC$17.5
St-Hubert Veggie Poutine- New!C$17.95

Chicken Breast Fillets

Menu ItemPrice
3 Crispy Chicken Breast FilletsC$16.5
4 Cripsy Chicken Breast FilletsC$18.5
6 Crispy Chicken Breast FilletsC$22.5


Menu ItemPrice
Club Burger with Crispy Chicken BreastC$18.5
Club Burger with Grilled Chicken BreastC$18.5
Club Sandwich (White Meat)C$18.45
Club Sandwich (Dark Meat)C$16.95
Hot Chicken (White Meat)C$16.45
Hot Chicken (Dark Meat)C$14.95
Piri-piri St-BurgerC$19.25


Menu ItemPrice
Fish & ChipsC$19.95


Menu ItemPrice
St-Hubert PoutineC$17.95

Entree Salads

Menu ItemPrice
Bangkok Salad with Crispy Chicken Breast FilletsC$18.95
Bangkok Salad with Grilled Chicken BreastC$18.95
St-Hubert Caesar Salad with Roasted Chicken BreastC$18.95
Veggie Bangkok SaladC$18.95


Menu ItemPrice
Vanilla Cake with Sugar Cream SauceC$5.75
Fruit PocketC$3
Tag on the Go Soft Oatmeal CookieC$3
Sugar PieC$5.75
Bag of 12 Mini BrowniesC$7.5

Kid’s Menu

Menu ItemPrice
The Zoo (Chicken Nuggets)C$9.95
Super Hero (Chicken Thigh)C$10.5
The UFO (Chicken Fillet Sandwich)C$10.95

Cold Beverages

Menu ItemPrice
Coca-Cola® 500 mLC$3
Coca-Cola® Zero sugarTM 500 mLC$3
Diet Coke® 500 mLC$3
Sprite® 500 mLC$3
Canada Dry® Ginger Ale 500 mLC$3
Minute Maid® Orange 355 mLC$3
Minute Maid® Apple 355 mLC$3
2% Milk – 200 mL CartonC$2.25

Side Dish

Menu ItemPrice
Extra French Fries – Family Size PortionC$7.5
Extra French Fries – Single-Serving PortionC$3
2 Extra BunsC$1.25
Extra Mixed-Grain RiceC$3


Menu ItemPrice
Traditional Coleslaw – Single PortionC$2.25
Creamy Coleslaw – Family SizeC$4.75
Traditional Coleslaw – Family SizeC$4.75
Creamy Coleslaw – Single PortionC$2.25


Menu ItemPrice
BBQ Sauce – Family SizeC$4.75
BBQ Sauce – Single ServingC$2.25
Hot Chicken Sauce – Family SizeC$4.75
Hot Chicken Sauce – Single ServingC$2.25

Alcoholic Beverages

Menu ItemPrice
Stella Artois Beer – 4 CansC$5.75

FAQ’s About St-Hubert Menu Toronto

Answer: The St-Hubert Restaurant are open at 11:00am and Closes at 9:00pm in Toronto.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the St-Hubert Menu in Toronto, costing CAN$3.

Answer: Piri-Piri Half Chicken are CAN$23.25, making them the most expensive item on the St-Hubert Menu prices in Toronto.

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