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St-Hubert menu Canada has 19 menu deals for you with over 80 items, ranging from St-Hubert Caesar Salad, Chicken Breast, and Crispy Veggie Strips. Here you will get all the latest prices on the St-Huberts menu in Canada.
The St.-Hubert dining restaurant opened in 1951. The St-Hubert menu is second-famous in Canada, with the most loyal customers among its competitors.  The St-Hubert Canada menu is famous for rotisserie chicken and salads.

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St-Hubert Menu Prices Canada

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Appetizers (For One)

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Noodle SoupCAN$ 5.45
Cream of ChickenCAN$ 5.45
St-Hubert Caesar SaladCAN$ 7
12 Chicken WingsCAN$ 17.7
6 Chicken WingsCAN$ 10.2
8 Cheese SticksCAN$ 12.45
4 Cheese SticksCAN$ 7.2

Appetizers (To Share)

Menu ItemPrice
24 Chicken WingsCAN$ 24.95
16 Chicken WingsCAN$ 19.95
12 Chicken WingsCAN$ 17.7
8 Cheese SticksCAN$ 12.45
6 Chicken WingsCAN$ 10.2


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Noodle SoupCAN$ 5.45
Cream of ChickenCAN$ 5.45


Menu ItemPrice
Piri-Piri Half ChickenCAN$ 23.25
Half ChickenCAN$ 21.75
Piri-Piri Double Chicken LegCAN$ 21.25
Double Chicken LegCAN$ 19.75
Piri-Piri Chicken LegCAN$ 17.5
Chicken LegCAN$ 15.95
Piri-Piri Chicken BreastCAN$ 19.5
Chicken BreastCAN$ 17.95
St-hubert menu and price canada

St-Hubert Ribs Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Half Rack of RibsCAN$ 21.95
Full Rack of RibsCAN$ 31.5

Combo (Chicken and Ribs)

Menu ItemPrice
Half Rack of Pork Ribs and Piri-Piri Chicken LegCAN$ 28.5
Quarter Piri-Piri Chicken Breast and Half Rack of RibsCAN$ 30.5
Half Rack of Ribs & Chicken LegCAN$ 26.95
Quarter Chicken Breast & Half Rack of RibsCAN$ 28.95

Vegetarian Options

Menu ItemPrice
Crispy Veggie StripsCAN$ 18.5
St-Hubert Veggie Poutine- New!CAN$ 17.95
St-Hubert Veggie WrapCAN$ 17.5
Veggie Bangkok SaladCAN$ 18.95

Chicken Breast Fillets

Menu ItemPrice
6 Crispy Chicken Breast FilletsCAN$ 22.5
4 Cripsy Chicken Breast FilletsCAN$ 18.5
3 Crispy Chicken Breast FilletsCAN$ 16.5

St-Hubert Fish Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Fish & ChipsCAN$ 22.75

St-Hubert Sandwiches Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Club Sandwich (White Meat)CAN$ 18.45
Club Sandwich (Dark Meat)CAN$ 16.95
Club Burger with Crispy Chicken BreastCAN$ 18.5
Club Burger with Grilled Chicken BreastCAN$ 18.5
Hot Chicken (White Meat)CAN$ 16.45
Hot Chicken (Dark Meat)CAN$ 14.95
Piri-piri St-BurgerCAN$ 19.25
St-BurgerCAN$ 18.5


Menu ItemPrice
St-Hubert PoutineCAN$ 17.95
PoutineCAN$ 14.95

Entree Salads

Menu ItemPrice
St-Hubert Caesar Salad with Roasted Chicken BreastCAN$ 18.95
Bangkok Salad with Crispy Chicken Breast FilletsCAN$ 18.95
Veggie Bangkok SaladCAN$ 18.95
Bangkok Salad with Grilled Chicken BreastCAN$ 18.95

St-Hubert Desserts

Menu ItemPrice
ChocomousseCAN$ 6.75
Bag of 12 Mini BrowniesCAN$ 7.5
Sugar PieCAN$ 5.75
Tag on the Go Soft Oatmeal CookieCAN$ 3
MillefeuilleCAN$ 6.75
Fruit PocketCAN$ 3
Vanilla Cake with Sugar Cream SauceCAN$ 5.75
BrownieCAN$ 5.75
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St-Hubert Kid’s Menu

Menu ItemPrice
The UFO (Chicken Fillet Sandwich)CAN$ 10.95
The Zoo (Chicken Nuggets)CAN$ 9.95
Wrap-A-GogoCAN$ 9.95
Super Hero (Chicken Thigh)CAN$ 10.5

Cold Beverages

Menu ItemPrice
2% Milk – 200 mL CartonCAN$ 2.25
Minute Maid® Apple 355 mLCAN$ 3.00
Minute Maid® Orange 355 mLCAN$ 3.00
Canada Dry® Ginger Ale 500 mLCAN$ 3.00
Sprite® 500 mLCAN$ 3.00
Diet Coke® 500 mLCAN$ 3.00
Coca-Cola® Zero sugarTM 500 mLCAN$ 3.00
Coca-Cola® 500 mLCAN$ 3.00

Side Dish

Menu ItemPrice
Extra French Fries – Single-Serving PortionCAN$ 3
Extra French Fries – Family Size PortionCAN$ 7.5
2 Extra BunsCAN$ 1.25
Extra Mixed-Grain RiceCAN$ 3

St-Hubert Coleslaw

Menu ItemPrice
Creamy Coleslaw – Single PortionCAN$ 2.25
Traditional Coleslaw – Family SizeCAN$ 4.75
Creamy Coleslaw – Family SizeCAN$ 4.75
Traditional Coleslaw – Single PortionCAn$ 2.25


Menu ItemPrice
BBQ Sauce – Single ServingCAN$ 2.25
Hot Chicken Sauce – Single ServingCAN$ 2.25
BBQ Sauce – Family SizeCAN$ 4.75
Hot Chicken Sauce – Family SizeCAN$ 4.75

FAQ’s About St-Hubert Menu With Prices Canada

Answer: The St-Huberts Restaurant opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at 09:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the St-Hubert menu Canada, costing CAN$3.

Answer: Full Rack of Ribs are CAN$31.50, making them the most expensive item on St-Hubert menu with prices.

About St-Hubert Canada

In September 1951, the casual dining restaurant St-Huberts opened its first branch on St-Hubert Street in Montreal. This 72-year-old branch still exists at this place, but with the name St-Hubert Express take-out. The St-Huberts are now spread all over Canada and operate in 89 cities, 3 provinces, and more than 127 locations. The province of Quebec has most branches, which are about 116, and St.-Huberts, Quebec, is the most famous branch as well.

St-Hubert has a long history and is one of the most loved dining restaurants in Canada. The reason behind their love is the famous St-Huberts rotiserrio chicken, which has been serving the people of Canada for years with such quality and taste. This is the crown on the St-Huberts menu in Canada. It’s been about 7 decades, and the quality and deliciousness are still there. This shows the commitment and dedication of St-Huberts, and they also do not limit themselves. They have presented other great menu options as well.

St-Huberts menu and prices in Canada are something like a crown on the princess head because of the taste and quality at such affordable prices. The St-Huberts menu also features other items, such as chicken wings, crispy veggie strips, and ribs

Most Popular Dishes at St-Hubert Menu Canada

St-Huberts Restaurant is known for its diverse menu, which includes rotisserie chicken, sandwiches, fries, and other chicken items. With so many options on the menu, sometimes its not easy to select the best one. If you are visiting the restaurant for the first time, then these are top five picks for you on the basis of Quality, demand and taste

St-Hubert Caesar Salad with Roasted Chicken Breast

Fish and Chips

Club Sandwich

Chicken Wings

Crispy Chicken Breast Fillets

Alternatives to St-Hubert Menu and Prices Canada

If we combine St-Hubert’s menu and prices in Canada, these combinations do not allow us to go anywhere else. Otherwise, this is also the go-to spot if you want to have chicken on the table. But what if you are far away or in the mood to take something different? There are several other options as well. There are some alternatives to the St-Huberts menu in Canada. Which are also known for some good rotisserie and fried chicken.
1. Swiss Chalet
2. Mary Browns
3. Boston Pizza
4. Chick-fil-A

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