Benny’s Restaurant Menu and Prices Canada – 2024

Benny’s Restaurant Menu Canada has items from Appetizers, Salads, Sandwiches, Burgers, Daily Dessert to Cocktails (1 oz), Martinis (2 oz), House White (6 oz), House Red (6 oz). Here you will get all the latest prices on Bennys Restaurant Menu Canada.

Benny’s Restaurant Menu

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Bennys Restaurant Menu Canada

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Menu ItemPrice
Thai Chili ChickenCAN$ 16
NachosCAN$ 16
Sesame ShrimpCAN$ 18
Crispy Chicken WingsCAN$ 14
Pot StickersCAN$ 16
Bacon Wrapped ScallopsCAN$ 20
Spinach DipCAN$ 16
French Onion SoupCAN$ 7
Daily Soup CreationCAN$ 6
CupCAN$ 4


Menu ItemPrice
Black & Blue SaladCAN$ 21
Cobb SaladCAN$ 20
Greek SaladCAN$ 17
Half SizeCAN$ 8
Enhance any salad by adding: A Shrimp skewerCAN$ 8
6oz SalmonCAN$ 10
ChickenCAN$ 8
6oz Top SirloinCAN$ 12
Spinach SaladCAN$ 16


Menu ItemPrice
Greek Chicken PitaCAN$ 16
Steak SandwichCAN$ 18
Traditional ReubenCAN$ 14
ClubhouseCAN$ 16


Menu ItemPrice
Bacon BBQ BurgerCAN$ 18
Classic BurgerCAN$ 14
Veggie BurgerCAN$ 18
The Farm BurgerCAN$ 18


Menu ItemPrice
Top Sirloin SteakCAN$ 24
8oz New York StripCAN$ 28
Pan Roasted SalmonCAN$ 30
Slow Roasted Prime Rib of BeefCAN$ 28
Braised Lamb ShankCAN$ 14
Chicken Strips & FriesCAN$ 19
Oven Baked LasagnaCAN$ 18
Classic CarbonaraCAN$ 18
Fettuccine AlfredoCAN$ 25
10ozCAN$ 36
12ozCAN$ 42

Additional Sides

Menu ItemPrice
Onion ringsCAN$ 7
SpinachCAN$ 5
Blue Cheese crustCAN$ 0
Garlic toastCAN$ 4
Whiskey peppercorn demiCAN$ 7
MushroomsCAN$ 6
Cheese toastCAN$ 6
Additional SidesCAN$ 7


Menu ItemPrice
New York Style CheesecakeCAN$ 7
Turtle CheesecakeCAN$ 7
Maple Walnut Bread PuddingCAN$ 7
Belgium Chocolate PateCAN$ 8
Vanilla Crème BruleeCAN$ 7
Feature DessertCAN$ 6

Cocktails (1 oz) Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Lime, SpicesCAN$ 8.25
Vodka, pickle juice, clamato Juice,CAN$ 8.25
Classic CaesarCAN$ 8.25
Cactus CaesarCAN$ 8.25
Long Island Iced TeaCAN$ 8.25
ParalyzerCAN$ 8.25
Drunken DivaCAN$ 8.25
Malibu PopsicleCAN$ 8.25
One-Eyed ParrotCAN$ 8.25
Old FashionedCAN$ 8.25
Silver CloudCAN$ 8.25
Black RussianCAN$ 8.25

Martinis (2 oz)

Menu ItemPrice
Blue-Eyed BlondeCAN$ 8.25
CosmopolitanCAN$ 8.25
Classic MartiniCAN$ 8.25
Premium MartiniCAN$ 16
FuzzytiniCAN$ 8.25
Black ForestCAN$ 8.25
Chocolate MartiniCAN$ 8.25
MetropolitanCAN$ 8.25

House Red (6 oz) Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Barefoot MerlotCAN$ 9
Don David MalbecCAN$ 11
Lindeman’s ShirazCAN$ 9

House White (6 oz) Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Gallo White ZinfandelCAN$ 9
Barefoot Pinot GrigioCAN$ 9
Lindeman’s ChardonnayCAN$ 9
Jacob’s Creek MoscatoCAN$ 9

By Bottle

Menu ItemPrice
Gallo White ZinfandelCAN$ 32
Barefoot Pinot GrigioCAN$ 32
Lindeman’s ChardonnayCAN$ 32
Jacob’s Creek MoscatoCAN$ 32
Lindeman’s ShirazCAN$ 31
Don David MalbecCAN$ 38
Barefoot MerlotCAN$ 32
Kim Crawford Sauvignon BlancCAN$ 42
Apothic WhiteCAN$ 33
Prosecco ChampagneCAN$ 32
Nipozzano ChiantiCAN$ 49
Jhlor Cabernet SauvignonCAN$ 75

FAQ’s About Benny’s Restaurant Menu Canada

Answer: Benny’s Restaurant opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at 9:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Bennys Restaurant Menu in Canada, costing C$6.

Answer: Jhlor Cabernet Sauvignon are C$75, making them the most expensive item on Bennys Restaurant Menu prices in Canada.

About Benny’s Restaurant Menu in Canada

Benny’s Restaurant in Brandon, Canada, has been satisfying customers with delicious food since it first opened its doors. Regarded as one of the best restaurants in the city, Benny’s takes pride in delivering not just tasty dishes but also exceptional service to its consumers.

From the moment Benny’s welcomed its first guests in Brandon, it aimed to create an experience where people could not only enjoy a satisfying meal but also feel a sense of warmth and hospitality. The menu at Benny’s Restaurant reflects a dedication to quality, offering a diverse range of dishes to cater to different tastes.

Benny’s is not just about the food; it’s about the community it has built over the years. It has become a place where friends and family gather, creating memories around the table. The welcoming atmosphere and attentive service contribute to making every visit to Benny’s a delightful experience

Alternatives to Benny’s Restaurant Menu in Canada

If you’re looking for alternatives to Benny’s Restaurant in Canada, which is known for its rotisserie chicken and casual dining experience, there are several other options that offer diverse menus and flavors. Here are some alternatives:

1. Swiss Chalet
2. St-Hubert
3. Montana’s BBQ & Bar
4. Boston Pizza
5. Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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