Auntie Anne’s Menu and Prices Canada – 2024

Auntie Anne’s Menu Canada has items from Football Favorites, Shareable Snacks, Fulfilling Bites, Salty Favs & Sweet Treats, Refreshing Drinks to Beverage, Dips, Cinnabon Secret Menu, CinnaPacks, and Cinnabon Baked Treats to Cinnabon Beverages. Here you will get all the latest prices on Auntie Anne’s Menu Canada.

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Auntie Anne’s Menu Canada

Popular Items

Menu ItemPrice
Center of the Roll™$5.39
Classic Roll$7.49
Original Pretzel Nuggets$6.95
Caramel Pecanbon®$8.39
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets$6.95
Mini Pretzel Dogs$7.55
Cookie BonBite (1 Count)$3.49
Original Pretzel$4.79

Football Favorites

Menu ItemPrice
FEATURED! Snack Stadium$64.99

Featured Products

Menu ItemPrice
Pepperoni Pretzel Nuggets$7.49
Personal Pretzel Pizza Meal$13.99

Shareable Snacks

Menu ItemPrice
The Classics Snack Pack$23.99
Original Pretzel Nuggets Bucket$25.99
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets Bucket$25.99
Mini Pretzel Dogs Bucket$34.99
Mini Dogs Bucket Snack Pack$49.99
Pretzel Nugget Bucket Snack Pack$42.99
Pepperoni Nuggets Bucket$31.99

Fulfilling Bites

Menu ItemPrice
Mini Pretzel Dogs$7.55
Original Pretzel Dog$5.39
Pepperoni Pretzel Nuggets$7.49

Salty Favs & Sweet Treats

Menu ItemPrice
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets$6.95
Original Pretzel Nuggets$6.95
Original Pretzel$4.79
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel$4.79
Sweet Almond Pretzel$4.79

Refreshing Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Lemonade Mixers$3.99
Frozen Lemonade Mixers$4.59
Coca-Cola® Fountain Soda$2.99
Original Lemonade$3.99
Original Frozen Lemonade$4.59
Bottled Water$1.99


Menu ItemPrice
Cheese Dip$1.29
Sweet Glaze Dip$1.29
Hot Salsa Cheese Dip$1.29
Light Cream Cheese Dip$1.29
Caramel Dip$1.29
Honey Mustard Dip$1.29

Cinnabon Secret Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Cookie BonBite Sandwich$1.29


Menu ItemPrice
Classic CinnaPacks™$20.99
MiniBon® CinnaPacks™$20.99

Cinnabon Baked Treats

Menu ItemPrice
Center of the Roll™$5.39
Classic Roll$7.49
Caramel Pecanbon®$8.39
Cookie BonBite$3.49
Frosting Cup$0.99
Cup of Pecans$0.99

Cinnabon Beverages

Menu ItemPrice
Mochalatta Chill® Small$5.19
Flavored Cold Brew Small$3.99
Hot Coffee Small$2.99

FAQ’s About Auntie Anne’s Menu Canada

Answer: Auntie Anne’s Restaurant opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 9:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Auntie Anne’s Menu in Canada, costing C$0.99.

Answer: FEATURED! Snack Stadium are C$64.99, making them the most expensive item on the Auntie Anne’s Menu in Canada.

About Auntie Anne’s in Canada

If you’re a fan of pretzels or just someone with a sweet tooth, Auntie Anne’s in Canada is the place to be! Picture this: warm, freshly baked pretzels, soft and doughy, with a delightful aroma that fills the air. Auntie Anne’s has become a go-to spot for snack lovers across the Great White North. Now, let’s dive into the heart of the matter—the Auntie Anne’s Menu.

First off, the classic pretzel is a must-try. Imagine sinking your teeth into a warm, golden-brown masterpiece, sprinkled with just the right amount of salt—it’s pure bliss. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, the menu offers a variety of flavors like cinnamon sugar, sour cream and onion, or even jalapeño. These twists are a flavor explosion in every bite.

But Auntie Anne’s doesn’t stop at pretzels; they’ve got a variety of delicious treats. The pretzel dogs are a popular snack featuring a juicy hot dog wrapped in the same soft pretzel goodness. If you have a sweet tooth, their indulgent desserts, like the pretzel nuggets with sweet coating or Auntie Anne’s signature lemonade mixer, will surely satisfy your cravings.

Auntie Anne’s in Canada isn’t just a place to grab a quick bite; it’s an experience. The welcoming aroma, friendly staff, and diverse menu make it a go-to spot for snack fans of all ages. So, whether you’re a seasoned Auntie Anne’s fan or a first-timer, there’s always something new and delicious waiting for you on the menu. Head over to Auntie Anne’s in Canada and treat yourself to a pretzel paradise!

Alternatives to Auntie Anne’s in Canada

If you’re in Canada and craving a tasty snack, but Auntie Anne’s isn’t within reach, don’t worry; there are some fantastic alternatives to satisfy your cravings.

1. Mr. Pretzels
2. Pretzelmaker
3. Tim Hortons
4. Cinnabon

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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