Pizza Nova Menu and Prices Canada – 2024

Pizza Nova Menu Canada has 13 menu deals for you with over 75 items, ranging from create your own pizzas to cheddar pizzas to veggie pizzas. Here you will get all the latest prices on the Pizza Nova menu in Canada.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Pizza Nova menu prices in Canada.

Pizza Nova Menu Canada

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Menu ItemPrice
Large Create Your Own 1 PizzaCAN$ 14.39
PanzerottiCAN$ 6.79
Medium Create Your Own 1 PizzaCAN$ 11.49
Small Create Your Own 1 PizzaCAN$ 8.99
Garlic Bread with CheeseCAN$ 5.79

Create Your Own Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
Small Create Your Own 1 PizzaCAN$ 8.99
Medium Create Your Own 1 PizzaCAN$ 11.49
Large Create Your Own 1 PizzaCAN$ 14.39
18″ Jumbo Create Your Own 1 PizzaCAN$ 20.99
Party Size Create Your Own 1 PizzaCAN$ 23.59

Classic Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
The All Star PizzaCAN$ 15.14
Banquet Cheddar PizzaCAN$ 15.14
Calabrese PizzaCAN$ 14.69
Cheddar Supreme PizzaCAN$ 15.14
Deluxe PizzaCAN$ 19.94
The Founder’s PizzaCAN$ 16.89
Napoletana PizzaCAN$ 14.24
Portobellissimo PizzaCAN$ 15.59
Pizza PolloCAN$ 17.79
Veggie PizzaCAN$ 14.24

Pesto Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Florentine PizzaCAN$ 17.34
Tuscan Pesto PizzaCAN$ 17.79

White Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
Basilicata PizzaCAN$ 14.69
Bruschetta PizzaCAN$ 11.19
California PizzaCAN$ 15.59
Chicken alla Bianca PizzaCAN$ 15.59
Greek Bruscetta PizzaCAN$ 15.14
Il Giardino PizzaCAN$ 17.79

Plant Based Pepperoni Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
PlanteroniCAN$ 11.19
Vita PlantCAN$ 15.14
Gusto PlantCAN$ 16.89
Campo PlantCAN$ 15.59
Piccante PlantCAN$ 15.14
Aloha PlantCAN$ 12.94

Fresh Salads

Menu ItemPrice
Balsamic Mediterranean SaladCAN$ 7.49
Caesar SaladCAN$ 7.49


Menu ItemPrice
Grilled Chicken Caesar SandwichCAN$ 9.29
Meatball SandwichCAN$ 9.29
Chicken Cutlet SandwichCAN$ 9.99
Veal Cutlet SandwichCAN$ 9.99

Other Favourites

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken WingsCAN$ Priced by add-ons
Chicken PolliniCAN$ 14.49
PlantolliniCAN$ 14.49
LasagnaCAN$ 13.49
Chicken TrioCAN$ 15.99
Meatballs & Garlic BreadCAN$ 8.99
Sun Chips Harvest CheddarCAN$ 1.75
Arancini – Italian Rice BallsCAN$ 1.75
Nutella BottleCAN$ 1.5

Panzerotti and Panetteria

Menu ItemPrice
PanzerottiCAN$ 6.79
Focaccia BareseCAN$ 10.49
Garlic BreadCAN$ 4.29
Garlic Bread with CheeseCAN$ 5.79
Garlic Bread BruschettaCAN$ 6.49

Dipping Sauces

Menu ItemPrice
Creamy Garlic ParmesanCAN$ 1.25
Jalapeno RanchCAN$ 1.25
BBQCAN$ 1.25
HotCAN$ 1.25
MediumCAN$ 1.25
MildCAN$ 1.25
PestoCAN$ 1.25
Honey GarlicCAN$ 1.25

Primucci Products

Menu ItemPrice
D.O.P Olive OilCAN$ 11.99
Olive Oil with Chilli PepperCAN$ 10.49
Homestyle Tomato SauceCAN$ 5.99
Italian Hot PeppersCAN$ 4.59
Italian Peeled TomatoesCAN$ 2.79
Spicy Green OlivesCAN$ 3.99
Hot Honey BottleCAN$ 16.99


Menu ItemPrice
Dasani Bottled WaterCAN$ 2.29
Vitamin WaterCAN$ 2.99
Canned PopCAN$ 1.69
Bottled PopCAN$ 2.59
Italian BrioCAN$ 2.29
Nestea Iced TeaCAN$ 2.59
Smart WaterCAN$ 2.99
San Pellegrino WaterCAN$ 2.59
San Pellegrino DrinksCAN$ 2.59
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FAQ’s About Pizza Nova Menu Canada

Answer: The Red Lobster Restaurant are open 11 a.m. and close 10:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Pizzanova Menu in Canada, costing CAN$1.50.

Answer: Tuscan Pesto Pizza are CAN$17.79, making them the most expensive item on Pizza Nova Menu with prices in Canada.

About Pizza Nova Menu Canada

Pizza Nova is a fast-food restaurant that was founded in May 1963 in Toronto, Canada, by young Italian immigrants. The man behind it was Sam Primucci. The restaurant primarily serves pizza but also offers sandwiches and chicken wings. The restaurant has nearly 150 stores in Canada, and its counting every year. The restaurant believes in adopting the latest trends and improving the customer experience. 

It’s very popular among pizza lovers, and I am pretty sure you have also heard about Pizza Nova. The restaurant menu features delicious pizza, sandwiches, and wings. There are many pizza chains in Canada, but the thing that stands out about Pizza Nova is the quality of the ingredients they use. With more than 30 toppings, from melted cheese to fresh tomatoes, everything is just perfect and makes us fall in love with Pizza Nova.

Most Popular items on Pizza Nova Menu in Canada

Cheese & Tomato Sauce (Large)
Price: $15.79

Cheese & Tomato Sauce (Medium)
Price: $12.69

Meat Supreme
Small: $18.64 Medium: $23.29 Large: $27.94
Jumbo: $39.69 Party: $43.24

Cheese & Tomato Sauce (Party Size)
Price: $25.79

Chicken Wings
Price: $16.99

Price: $7.69

Alternatives to Pizza Nova Menu

Yeah, Pizza Nova is one of the best pizza places in Canada, but sometimes we get sick of eating at the same restaurant all the time. In this situation, we start looking for alternatives where we can taste similar types of food in a different atmosphere to get the experience of something new. 
There are some alternatives to the Pizza Nova menu in Canada.

1. Gabriel Pizza
2. Pizza Hut
3. Pizza Garden
4. 241 Pizza
5. Pizza Pizza

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.