Pizza Delight Menu and Prices Canada – 2024

Pizza Delight Menu Canada has 14 menu deals for you with over 100 items, ranging from Classic Panzerotti to Chicken Bacon Ranch Cauliflower Crust Pizza to Strawberry Shortcake. Here you will get all the latest prices on the Pizza Delight menu in Canada.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite pizza delight menu prices in Canada.

Pizza Delight Menu Canada

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Take-Out and Delivery Specials

Menu ItemPrice
Online for TwoCAN$ 21.99
15″ Three-Topping Pizza and 15″ Garlic Cheese FingersCAN$ 31.89
12″ Three-Topping Pizza and 12″ Garlic Cheese FingersCAN$ 26.39
9″ Three-Topping Pizza and 9″ Garlic Cheese FingersCAN$ 17.59
Party Pizza and 2L Pop ComboCAN$ 28.59
9″ Super Donair and 9″ Garlic Cheese FingersCAN$ 17.59


Menu ItemPrice
12″ Garlic Cheese FingersCAN$ 14.78
9″ Garlic Cheese FingersCAN$ 11.21
6 Wings – BonelessCAN$ 12.42
12″ Classic BBQ NachosCAN$ 15.94
9″ Classic BBQ NachosCAN$ 11.54
10″ Cauliflower Crust Garlic Cheese FingersCAN$ 16.15
6 Wings – Lightly BreadedCAN$ 11.76
6 Donair PinwheelsCAN$ 9.89
12 Wings – Lightly BreadedCAN$ 18.69

Donairs and Panzerottis

Menu ItemPrice
9″ Large Classic PanzerottiCAN$ 15.83
9″ Super DonairCAN$ 15.72
6″ Super DonairCAN$ 13.96
6″ Regular Classic PanzerottiCAN$ 13.63
6″ Classic DonairCAN$ 11.76
6″ Super Donair PanzerottiCAN$ 14.07
9″ Classic DonairCAN$ 14.07
9″ Super Donair PanzerottiCAN$ 16.38

Oven-Melted Subs

Menu ItemPrice
The Works Oven-Melted SubCAN$ 15.06
Italian Delight Oven-Melted SubsCAN$ 15.06
Super Donair Oven-Melted SubCAN$ 15.06

9″ Signature Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
9″ Works PizzaCAN$ 16.6
9″ Hawaiian Delight PizzaCAN$ 16.6
9″ BBQ Chicken PizzaCAN$ 16.6
9″ All-Star® Meat PizzaCAN$ 16.82
9″ Donair PizzaCAN$ 16.82
9″ Smoky Bacon Donair PizzaCAN$ 16.82
9″ Chunky Vegetable Greek PizzaCAN$ 16.6
9″ Broadway® Classic PizzaCAN$ 16.6
9″ Ultimate PizzaCAN$ 16.82

12″ Signature Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
12″ Works PizzaCAN$ 23.31
12″ All-Star® Meat PizzaCAN$ 23.53
12″ Donair PizzaCAN$ 23.53
12″ Chunky Vegetable Greek PizzaCAN$ 23.31
12″ BBQ Chicken PizzaCAN$ 23.31
12″ Ultimate PizzaCAN$ 23.53
12″ Smoky Bacon Donair PizzaCAN$ 23.53
12″ Hawaiian Delight PizzaCAN$ 23.31
12″ Broadway® Classic PizzaCAN$ 23.31

15″ Signature Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
15″ Works PizzaCAN$ 28.92
15″ All-Star® Meat PizzaCAN$ 29.25
15″ Ultimate PizzaCAN$ 29.25
15″ Hawaiian Delight PizzaCAN$ 28.92
15″ Broadway® Classic PizzaCAN$ 28.92
15″ Chunky Vegetable Greek PizzaCAN$ 28.92
15″ Donair PizzaCAN$ 29.25
15″ Smoky Bacon Donair PizzaCAN$ 29.25
15″ BBQ Chicken PizzaCAN$ 28.92

21″ Signature Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
21″ All-Star® Meat PizzaCAN$ 37.94
21″ Works PizzaCAN$ 37.28
21″ Hawaiian Delight PizzaCAN$ 37.28
21″ Smoky Bacon Donair PizzaCAN$ 37.94
21″ Broadway® Classic PizzaCAN$ 37.28
21″ Chunky Vegetable Greek PizzaCAN$ 37.28
21″ Donair PizzaCAN$ 37.94
21″ Ultimate PizzaCAN$ 37.94
21″ BBQ Chicken PizzaCAN$ 37.28

Create Your Own Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
12″ Create Your Own PizzaCAN$ 15.72
9″ Create Your Own PizzaCAN$ 11.26
15″ Create Your Own PizzaCAN$ 18.03
21″ Create Your Own PizzaCAN$ 22.98

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Bacon Ranch Cauliflower Crust PizzaCAN$ 21.22
Southwest Chicken & Guacamole Cauliflower Crust PizzaCAN$ 21.22


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Alfredo PastaCAN$ 17.81
Spaghetti with Italian MeatballsCAN$ 16.49


Menu ItemPrice
Chocolate EruptionCAN$ 8.46
Sweet and Salty Chocolate truffleCAN$ 8.46
Strawberry ShortcakeCAN$ 8.46


Menu ItemPrice
Large Donair SauceCAN$ 2.09
Pizza SauceCAN$ 2.09
Famous Spaghetti SauceCAN$ 2.09


Menu ItemPrice
Soft Drink Bottle (2L)CAN$ 3.73
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FAQ’s About pizza delight menu Canada

Answer: The Pizza Deliight Restaurant are open 11 a.m. and close 09:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the pizza delight menu in Canada, costing CAN$8.46.

Answer: 21″ Smoky Bacon Donair Pizza are CAN$37.94, making them the most expensive item on pizza delight menu with prices in Canada.

About Pizza Delight Menu Canada

In 1968, Léandre Bourque and Allard Robichaud opened the Pizza Delight restaurant in Shediac, New Brunswick. The restaurant has about 98 locations now. They specialize in pizzas but also offer delicious pastas and salads on their menu. These mouthwatering menu items are served in a great setting at the restaurant. Additionally, I ought to be grateful for their customer service. It was outstanding whenever I visited.

Most Popular items on Pizza Delight menu in Canada

12″ 3-topp + 12″ Garlic Cheese Fingers
Price: $32.64

9″ 3-topp + 9″ Garlic Cheese Fingers
Price: $17.59

9″ BBQ Nacho
Price: $12.09

Online for Two
12″ 3-topping pizza + 9″ Garlic Cheese Fingers
Price: $21.99

Donair Pinwheels 6 Donair Pinwheels
Price: $10.44

12″ GCF with bacon
Price: $17.11

Alternatives to Pizza Delight menu

If you are looking for alternatives to Pizza Delight for some reason, then fret not. we are always here to help you out.
There are some alternatives to the pizza delight menu in Canada.

1. Papa John’s
2. Little Caesars
3. Gateway Pizza
4. Pizza Hotline

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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