Panago Pizza Menu and Prices Canada – 2024

Panago Menu Canada has 13 menu deals for you with over 115 items, ranging from Garlic Cheezy Bread to Deluxe Pepperoni Pizzas to Chipotle Chicken. Here you will get all the latest prices on the Panago Pizza Menu in Canada.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Panago Pizza menu in Canada.

Panago Pizza Menu Canada

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Most Popular

Menu ItemPrice
Panago ClassicCAN$ 17
New York DeliCAN$ 17
Chicken ClubCAN$ 17
HawaiianCAN$ 17
Mediterranean SaladCAN$ 9

Meat Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
Panago ClassicCAN$ 17
Deluxe PepperoniCAN$ 16.45
Brooklyn PepperoniCAN$ 14.4
New York DeliCAN$ 17
Jerk Chicken PizzaCAN$ 16.65
True CanadianCAN$ 15.95
Steak TaqueriaCAN$ 17
Tropical HawaiianCAN$ 15.95
Chicken TaqueriaCAN$ 17
Steak Mushroom MeltCAN$ 17
BBQ Bacon ChickenCAN$ 17
Chipotle ChickenCAN$ 15.95
Hot Honey Brooklyn PepperoniCAN$ 16.45
Spicy CapicolloCAN$ 17
Chicken ClubCAN$ 17
Pesto ChickenCAN$ 17.55
HawaiianCAN$ 17
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Veggie Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
CheeseCAN$ 13.75
Garden VeggieCAN$ 17
Veggie MediterraneanCAN$ 18.1
Pesto VegetarianCAN$ 17.55
Veggie KormaCAN$ 17
Hot Honey Meat-free PepperoniCAN$ 16.45
Beyond Spicy CalabreseCAN$ 16.65
Beyond Summer BBQCAN$ 15.7
Beyond TaqueriaCAN$ 16.65

Plant-Based Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
Plant-based Spicy HawaiianCAN$ 17
Plant-based Deluxe PepperoniCAN$ 17
Plant-based Beyond Spicy CalabreseCAN$ 17
Plant-based MediterraneanCAN$ 17
Plant-based Beyond Summer BBQCAN$ 17

Organic Gluten Smart Crust Pizzas (Medium ONLY)

Menu ItemPrice
Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-based Spicy HawaiianCAN$ 25.45
Organic Gluten-Smart Chipotle ChickenCAN$ 23.4
Organic Gluten-Smart CheeseCAN$ 21.2
Organic Gluten-Smart Beyond Spicy CalabreseCAN$ 24.9
Organic Gluten-Smart True CanadianCAN$ 24.25
Organic Gluten-Smart Beyond TaqueriaCAN$ 24.9
Organic Gluten-Smart HawaiianCAN$ 25.3
Organic Gluten-Smart Chicken TaqueriaCAN$ 25.3
Organic Gluten-Smart Chicken ClubCAN$ 25.3
Organic Gluten-Smart Garden VeggieCAN$ 24.45
Organic Gluten-Smart New York DeliCAN$ 25.3
Organic Gluten-Smart Spicy CapicolloCAN$ 25.3
Organic Gluten-Smart BBQ Bacon ChickenCAN$ 25.3
Organic Gluten-Smart Panago ClassicCAN$ 25.3
Organic Gluten-Smart Steak Mushroom MeltCAN$ 25.45
Organic Gluten-Smart Tropical HawaiianCAN$ 24.25
Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-based Deluxe PepperoniCAN$ 25.45

CYO Organic Gluten Smart Crust Pizzas (Medium ONLY)

Menu ItemPrice
CYO Organic Gluten-Smart Pizza (Medium 12″)CAN$ 18.35

CYO Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
CYO Pizza (Medium 12″)CAN$ 14.1
CYO Pizza (Large 14″)CAN$ 17
CYO Pizza (Small 10″)CAN$ 11.75
CYO Pizza (Extra-Large 16″)CAN$ 19


Menu ItemPrice
Caesar SaladCAN$ 9
Mediterranean SaladCAN$ 9
Tuscan SaladCAN$ 9
Garden SaladCAN$ 9
Taqueria SaladCAN$ 9
Chicken Taqueria SaladCAN$ 10.5
Jerk Chicken SaladCAN$ 10.5

Create Your Own Salad

Menu ItemPrice
Create Your Own SaladCAN$ 7.25


Menu ItemPrice
Garlic Cheezy BreadCAN$ 7.75
Gardein Breaded TendersCAN$ 9.5
Chicken BitesCAN$ 10.5
Deliciously Simple Wings – 8 pcCAN$ 13.95
Super Cheezy BreadCAN$ 7.75
Hot Honey Chicken BitesCAN$ 11.5
Hot + Spicy Wings – 8 pcCAN$ 13.95
Hot Honey Gardein TendersCAN$ 10.5
Deliciously Simple Wings – 16 pcCAN$ 27
Jerk Wings – 16 pcCAN$ 27
Salt + Pepper Wings – 16 pcCAN$ 27
Salt + Pepper Wings – 8 pcCAN$ 13.95
Plant-based Cheezy BreadCAN$ 7.75
Hot + Spicy Wings – 16 pcCAN$ 27
Honey Garlic Wings – 8 pcCAN$ 13.95
Honey Garlic Wings – 16 pcCAN$ 27
Jerk Wings – 8 pcCAN$ 13.95


Menu ItemPrice
Mini New York CheesecakeCAN$ 5
Sweet Cinnamon BreadstickCAN$ 5.5
Chocolate Chunk Pretzel CookieCAN$ 8.5


Menu ItemPrice
Italian Garlic DipCAN$ 1.55
Blue Cheese DipCAN$ 1.55
Jalapeño Ranch DipCAN$ 1.55
Sweet Frost Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.55
Chipotle Cilantro DipCAN$ 1.55
Balsamic Vinaigrette DipCAN$ 1.55
Italian Garlic JarCAN$ 6
Cheezy Formaggio JarCAN$ 6
Cayenne Hot SauceCAN$ 6
Sweet Mustard Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.55
Simple Italian Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.55
Cheezy Cheddar DipCAN$ 1.55
Jalapeño Ranch JarCAN$ 6
Avocado Cilantro Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.55
Cayenne Hot Sauce Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.55
Italian Tomato Dip (vegan)CAN$ 1.55
Classic Caesar DipCAN$ 1.55


Menu ItemPrice
Pop – Lipton Brisk Iced TeaCAN$ 2.95
Pop – Orange CrushCAN$ 2.95
Pop – Diet PepsiCAN$ 2.95
San Pellegrino – San Pellegrino Sparkling WaterCAN$ 2.4
Pop – Dr. PepperCAN$ 2.95
Pop – Mug Root BeerCAN$ 2.95
Pop – PepsiCAN$ 2.95
Pop – 7 UpCAN$ 2.95
Water / Juice – Organic Juice – LemonadeCAN$ 1.6
Bubly Sparkling Water – Bubly BlackberryCAN$ 3.1
Pop – Schweppes Ginger AleCAN$ 2.95
Water / Juice – Organic Juice – OrangoCAN$ 1.6
Bubly Sparkling Water – Bubly LimeCAN$ 3.1
Water / Juice – Panago Cucina AquaCAN$ 3
Water / Juice – Organic Juice – GrappleCAN$ 1.6

FAQ’s About Panago Menu Canada

Answer: Panago Pizza restaurants are open 11 a.m. and close 11:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Panago menu Canada, costing CAN$5.

Answer: Salt + Pepper Wings – 16 pc are CAN$27, making them the most expensive item on Panago Pizza menu Canada.

About Panago Pizza Canada

In 1986, the Rookey family founded Panago Pizza in Canada. It is a pizza delivery and takeout chain that is currently running across seven provinces with more than 200 locations in Canada. Evolution is not ending; it is continuously popping into new locations.

In terms of the Panago menu, it is always a first pick if you are a pizza lover. Panago Pizza’s menu is diverse and gives the customer the freedom too select items that match their taste. The restaurant is living in the hearts of people due to their classic pizzas with toppings of cheese, pepperoni, and bacon, as well as their desserts and salads

Most Popular items on the Panago Menu in Canada

Panago Classic

New York Deli

Beyond Taqueria

CYO Pizza

Tuscan Salad

Jalapeño Ranch Dip

Alternatives to Panago Pizza Menu Canada

You’ll love Panago Pizza if you are looking for delicious pizza and fast food in Canada. And as we all know, pizza is one of the most popular things in Canada, and there is always a space or chain that can provide quality pizza and other delicious items. Panago Pizza is one of them. The restaurant has 200 outlets in Canada. But still, if its not your town or you want to go anywhere else, Then, luckily, there are plenty of other pizza restaurants available.

Here are the top chains in Canada that you say are the best alternatives to Panago Pizza in Canada.
1. Pizza Hut
2. Papa John
3. Pizza 73
4. Boston Pizza
5. Pizza Pizza
6. Little Caesars
7. Pizza Hotline
8. Gateway Pizza

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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