La Belle Province Menu and Prices Canada – 2024

La Belle Province Menu Canada has items from Trios, Fries, Poutines, Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, and Main Dishes to Beverage. Here you will get all the latest prices on the La Belle Province Menu Canada.

La Belle Province Menu Canada

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La Belle Province Menu Canada

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Menu ItemPrice
Trio 1 – Hot-dogC$9.95
Trio 2 – Hamburger Quarter PoundC$12.95
Trio 3 – Chicken BurgerC$11.95
Trio 4 – Pita SouvlakiC$12.95
Trio 5 – Smoked MeatC$13.95
Trio 6 – Double CheeseburgerC$16.95

Frites / Fries

Menu ItemPrice
Frites / FriesC$13.95
Fries with SauceC$6.25
Italian FriesC$6.49


Menu ItemPrice
Italian PoutineC$8.49
Pogo PoutineC$11.59
Galvaude PoutineC$11.59
Philly Steak PoutineC$11.59
Spicy Chicken PoutineC$11.59
Shredded Pork PoutineC$11.59
Sour Cream Bacon PoutineC$11.59
Smoked Meat PoutineC$11.59
Hamburger Steak PoutineC$11.59
Vegetarian PoutineC$11.59
Onion Rings PoutineC$11.59

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers

Menu ItemPrice
Steam Hot DogC$1.20
Grilled Hot DogC$2.19
Michigan Hot-DogC$3.79
Hamburger JuniorC$2.99
Hamburger Quarter PounderC$4.99
Cheeseburger Quarter PounderC$5.95
Cheeseburger Double Quarter PounderC$6.95

Plats principaux / Main Dishes

Menu ItemPrice
Hamburger SteakC$12.95
Chicken Pita SouvlakiC$6.95
Beef Pita GyrosC$6.95
Grilled Chicken SandwichC$6.95
Smoked Meat SandwichC$9.50
Smoked Meat PlateC$14.95
Hot ChickenC$12.95
Smoked Meat ClubC$14.95
Club SandwichC$13.95
Family Hot Dog MealC$25.99
Family Hamburger MealC$25.99

Breuvages / Beverage

Menu ItemPrice
Coca-cola (500m )C$3.99
Coke diète (500ml)C$3.99
Sprite (500ml)C$3.99
Fanta Orange (500ml)C$3.99
Iced Tea (500ml)C$3.99
Ginger Ale (500ml )C$3.99
Coca-cola vitre (355ml)C$4.25
Coca-cola vitre (355ml )C$4.35
Barq’s Foam Soda Glass (355ml)C$4.25
Barq’s rootbeer vitre (355ml)C$4.25
Bottle WaterC$2.25
Orange JuiceC$2.25
Apple JuiceC$2.99

FAQ’s About La Belle Province Menu Canada

Answer: The La Belle Province Restaurant are at 10:00am and closes at 09:00pm in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the La Belle Province Menu in Canada, costing C$1.20.

Answer: Family Hot Dog Meal are C$25.99, making them the most expensive item on the La Belle Province Menu prices in Canada.

About La Belle Province in Canada

La Belle Province, a favorite destination in Canada for Quebecois-style fast food, has been serving up delicious comfort food since it first opened its doors in 1970. Known for iconic dishes like poutine, steamés (steamed hot dogs), and classic burgers, La Belle Province has become a beloved eatery over the years.

Since its establishment, it has been a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike, offering a taste of Quebec’s cuisine at affordable prices. So, if you’re in the mood for a quick, satisfying meal that reflects the heart of Quebecois cuisine, La Belle Province, with its roots dating back to 1970, is the place to be. Explore their menu, savor the flavors, and experience the hospitality that has become a Canadian favorite.

Alternatives to La Belle Province in Canada

If you’re looking for alternatives to La Belle Province in Canada, which is known for its Quebecois-style fast food and poutine, you can explore a variety of options that offer diverse culinary experiences. Here are some alternatives:

1. Smoke’s Poutinerie:

Smoke’s Poutinerie, with locations across Canada, specializes in various poutine creations. They offer a wide range of toppings and variations, allowing you to customize your poutine experience. The menu includes classic, vegetarian, and unique specialty poutines.

2. Chez Ashton:

Chez Ashton, a Quebec-based chain, is a popular alternative for those seeking Quebecois-style fast food. Similar to La Belle Province, Chez Ashton offers a menu featuring poutine, hot dogs, burgers, and other fast-food classics with a Quebec twist.

3. Poutineville:

Poutineville, with locations in Quebec and Ontario, takes a gourmet approach to poutine. Customers can build their own poutine by choosing from various bases, toppings, and sauces. It offers a customizable and creative twist on the traditional dish.

4. New York Fries:

While New York Fries is known for its hand-cut fries, it also offers a variety of poutine options. With locations across Canada, this fast-food chain provides a different take on poutine with various toppings and sauces.

5. Smokes’N Flavour BBQ House:

If you’re in the mood for a fusion of flavors, Smokes’N Flavour BBQ House combines the love for poutine with barbecue goodness. This alternative offers a unique twist on traditional poutine by incorporating smoked meats and bold flavors.

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