D Spot Dessert Cafe Menu and Prices in Canada – 2024

D Spot Dessert Cafe Menu Canada has 21 menu deals for you with over 93 items, ranging from Oreo® Cheesecake, Carnival Party Parfait, and Mango Ice Cream. The Dspot menu also offers burgers and delicious pizza. Here you will get all the latest prices on the D Spot dessert cafe menu in Canada.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite d spot dessert menu prices in Canada.

D Spot Dessert Cafe Menu Prices Canada

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Popular Items

Menu ItemPrice
Oreo® Cheesecake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
Milk Cake – LotusCAN$ 17.99
Milk Cake – OreoCAN$ 17.99
NY Style Cheesecake Strawberries & Strawerry Sauce ONLYCAN$ 12.99
We Blend Together WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Hidden GemCAN$ 23.49
Sticky Toffee Butter CakeCAN$ 18.99
Red Velvet Cheesecake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
Chocolate Cake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
Meat Feast PoutineCAN$ 19.99


Menu ItemPrice
Milk Cake – LotusCAN$ 17.99
Milk Cake – OreoCAN$ 17.99
Red Velvet Cheesecake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
Chocolate Cake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
Carrot Cake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
Milk Cake – PistachioCAN$ 17.99
Strawberry Shortcake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
Tiramisu Cheesecake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
NY Style Cheesecake; Lotus cookie butter sauce & crumble ONLYCAN$ 12.99
Double Chocolate BrownieCAN$ 18.99
Funfetti Cake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
Sticky Toffee Butter CakeCAN$ 18.99
Oreo® Cheesecake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
NY Style Cheesecake Strawberries & Strawerry Sauce ONLYCAN$ 12.99
Red Velvet Cake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
NY Style Cheesecake Nutella & Hazelnuts ONLYCAN$ 12.99
Hazelnut Cheesecake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
NY Style Cheesecake Belgian Milk, Dark & White Chocolate ONLYCAN$ 12.99
New York Style Cheesecake ONLYCAN$ 12.99
NY Style Cheesecake Brûléed Banana & English Toffee Sauce ONLYCAN$ 12.99
Chocolate Lava CakeCAN$ 18.99
White Chocolate BrownieCAN$ 18.99


Menu ItemPrice
My Day My Way ParfaitCAN$ 15.99
Carnival Party ParfaitCAN$ 15.99
Cookies & Cream Overload ParfaitCAN$ 15.99
Strawberry Cheesecake ParfaitCAN$ 15.99


Menu ItemPrice
Cookie Butter Heaven CroffleCAN$ 16.49
Dark Chocolate & Pistachio CroffleCAN$ 16.49
My Treat CroffleCAN$ 16.49
Just Heavenly CroffleCAN$ 16.49

Hot Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
Cookie Butter Hot ChocolateCAN$ 7.99
Hot ChocolateCAN$ 7.99
Nutella® LatteCAN$ 7.99
Americano DoubleCAN$ 6.49
CoffeeCAN$ 5.49
Vanilla Honey Tea LatteCAN$ 7.99
Latte DoubleCAN$ 7.99
Rolo LatteCAN$ 7.99
Hug In a MugCAN$ 7.99
Spanish LatteCAN$ 6.99
Cappuccino Double(Single)CAN$ 7.99
Nutella® Hot ChocolateCAN$ 7.99
Saffron LatteCAN$ 7.49
Belgian Hot ChocolateCAN$ 8.99
English Toffee LatteCAN$ 7.99
Organic Whole Leaf TeasCAN$ 5.49
London FogCAN$ 7.99
Matcha Green Tea LatteCAN$ 7.99
Karak ChaiCAN$ 7.49
Rose LatteCAN$ 7.49
Dspot menu canada


Menu ItemPrice
Matcha Green Tea MilkshakeCAN$ 10.49
Chilled Hot ChocolateCAN$ 10.49
Twisted ChocolateCAN$ 10.49
Belgian MilkshakesCAN$ 10.99
Chocolate MonkeyCAN$ 10.49
Chai Latte MilkshakeCAN$ 10.49
MilkshakeCAN$ 9.99
Rosy & NuttyCAN$ 10.99
Strawberry Cheesecake MilkshakeCAN$ 10.99
Pina Colada MilkshakeCAN$ 10.49
Dates & Honey MilkshakeCAN$ 10.49
Together ForeverCAN$ 10.49
Smarties® MilkshakeCAN$ 10.99
Nutella® MilkshakeCAN$ 10.49
Lotus® Cookie Butter MilkshakeCAN$ 10.99
Kinder Bueno® MilkshakeCAN$ 10.99
Skor® MilkshakeCAN$ 10.99
My BffCAN$ 10.49
Bounty® MilkshakeCAN$ 10.99
Reeses® MilkshakeCAN$ 10.99
Shakey Shakey Ferrero MilkshakeCAN$ 10.99
BanangoCAN$ 10.49
Wake Me Up Vanilla MilkshakeCAN$ 10.49
Banoffee MilkshakeCAN$ 10.49
Man Go WildCAN$ 10.49
D Kid in Me MilkshakeCAN$ 10.99
dspot menu milkshake

Cold Drinks & Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Strawberry Rose PalmerCAN$ 8.49
Iced Strawberry Lemonade SmoothieCAN$ 6.99
Strawberry Banana SmoothieCAN$ 6.99
FloatsCAN$ 7.99
Mint Lemonade SmoothieCAN$ 6.99
Stone Fruit LemonadeCAN$ 7.99
Pasion Fruit Virgin-MojitoCAN$ 8.49
Mix Berry Virgin-MojitoCAN$ 8.49
Blue Lagoon Virgin-MojitoCAN$ 8.49
Spiced Brown Sugar Oat LatteCAN$ 7.49
SodaCAN$ 1.99
Italian SodaCAN$ 6.49
Spring WaterCAN$ 2.49
Violate LemonadeCAN$ 7.49
Mango Virgin-MojitoCAN$ 8.49
Pineapple FusionCAN$ 8.49
d spot dessert menu cold drinks

Signature Belgian Creations

Menu ItemPrice
Hidden GemCAN$ 23.49
Divide & ConquerCAN$ 24.49
Waffle Done RightCAN$ 21.99
Crepe Done RightCAN$ 20.99
CookieliciousCAN$ 26.49
My Crepe Ate Your BrownieCAN$ 24.49
Enlighten MeCAN$ 23.49
A Sweet TreatCAN$ 20.49
Dream Come TrueCAN$ 24.49
ScrumptiousCAN$ 25.99


Menu ItemPrice
Classic Cheese BurgerCAN$ 12.99
Hawaiian BurgerCAN$ 16.49
Samosa BurgerCAN$ 16.49
Veggie BurgerCAN$ 16.49
Swiss BurgerCAN$ 16.49
Avocado Brie BurgerCAN$ 16.49


Make It a Combo with French fries & a drink (pop or water)

Menu ItemPrice
Sultan Steak SandwichCAN$ 16.49
Steak & Brie SandwichCAN$ 16.49
Crispy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 13.99

D Spots Sweet Creations Waffle

Menu ItemPrice
We Blend Together WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Creamy Dreamy Mango WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Hit D SpotCAN$ 32.99
Very Cakey WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Sweet Cinnamon WaffleCAN$ 21.49
White Chocolate Dream WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Warm & Loving WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Road Trip WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Thank You Berry Much WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Don’t make be Blush WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Very Cakey WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Espresso Yourself WaffleCAN$ 21.49
You Are Berry Special WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Heaven on Earth WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Eastern Twist WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Smarty Pants WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Undercover Nut WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Passionate & Fruitful WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Cookie Monster WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Chocolate Heaven WaffleCAN$ 21.49
You Better Bruleeve it WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Something to Talk About WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Day & Night WaffleCAN$ 21.49
Candyland WaffleCAN$ 21.49

D Spots Sweet Creations Crepes

Menu ItemPrice
Chocolate Heaven CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Cookie Monster CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Don’t Make Me Blush CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Espresso Yourself CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Nuts for Peanuts CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Road Trip CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Something to talk about CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Thank you Berry Much CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Undercover Nut CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Warm and Loving CrepeCAN$ 20.49
White Chocolate Dream CrepeCAN$ 20.49
You Better Bruleeve it CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Candyland CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Day & Night CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Eastern Twist CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Heaven On Earth CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Passionate and Fruitful CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Smarty Pants CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Sweet Cinnamon CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Undercover Nut CrepeCAN$ 20.49
Very Cakey CrepeCAN$ 20.49
We Blend Together CrepeCAN$ 20.49
You Are Berry Special CrepeCAN$ 20.49

Dspot Homemade IceCream

Menu ItemPrice
Nutella Hazelnut Crunch Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98
Birthday Cake Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98
Cookies & Cream Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98
Mango Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98
Rockey Road Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98
Strawberry Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98
White Chocolate Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98
Cookie Dough Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98
Chocolate brownie Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98
Espresso Flake Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98
Pistachio Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98
Rose & Nut Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98
Vanilla Ice CreamCAN$ 9.98


Menu ItemPrice
Chipotle Bacon SausageCAN$ 12.99
Cheesy Sausage GoodnessCAN$ 12.99
On Fire SausageCAN$ 12.99
Jalapeno Queso SausageCAN$ 13.99
Philly Loaded SausageCAN$ 13.99
Vegetarian SausageCAN$ 11.49
Spicy! Tandoori SausageCAN$ 13.99
D Spot’s Spicy SausageCAN$ 10.49


Menu ItemPrice
You Can’t Handle Me ‘Spicy’ PizzaCAN$ 19.99
Steak & Cheese PizzaCAN$ 19.99
Meat Feast PizzaCAN$ 22.99
Canadian Eh! PizzaCAN$ 17.49
Simply Cheese PizzaCAN$ 15.49
Chicken Pesto PizzaCAN$ 19.99
Veggielicious PizzaCAN$ 17.49
Chipotle Steak PizzaCAN$ 19.99
Mexican Taste PizzaCAN$ 19.49


Menu ItemPrice
Meat Feast PoutineCAN$ 19.99
Chipotle Steak PoutineCAN$ 17.49
Supreme Veggie PoutineCAN$ 17.49
Regular FriesCAN$ 9.49
Cheesy FriesCAN$ 11.49
BBQ Steak PoutineCAN$ 17.49
Philly Steak PoutineCAN$ 17.49
Onion RingsCAN$ 10.99
Notorious SSG PoutineCAN$ 17.49
Chipotle Chicken PoutineCAN$ 17.49
Bacon & Cheese PoutineCAN$ 17.49
D Spot’s Classic PoutineCAN$ 13.99
BBQ Chicken PoutineCAN$ 17.49
Spicy! Tandoori Chicken PoutineCAN$ 17.49
Nacho Average PoutineCAN$ 17.49
NachosCAN$ 25.49
D Spot’s Onion Ring PoutineCAN$ 17.49
Chipotle Chicken Cheesy FriesCAN$ 14.99


Menu ItemPrice
Dessert for BreakfastCAN$ 23.49
Strawberry Cheesecake PancakesCAN$ 18.49
Apple Pie PancakesCAN$ 18.49
Strawberry & Cream Cheese PancakesCAN$ 18.49
Reese’s® Peanut Butter PancakesCAN$ 18.49
Buttermilk PancakesCAN$ 13.99
Nutella® & Banana PancakesCAN$ 18.49
Cinnamon Bun PancakesCAN$ 18.49
Cookie Dough PancakesCAN$ 18.49

Dspot Menu Desserts

Menu ItemPrice
Plain CrepeCAN$ 10.49
Banana with Nutella® CrepeCAN$ 16.49
Strawberry with Nutella® WaffleCAN$ 17.49
Fruity Goodness CrepeCAN$ 18.49
Lotus WaffleCAN$ 19.99
Oreo® and White Chocolate CrepeCAN$ 16.49
PB & Chocolate Concoction WaffleCAN$ 19.99
Royalty WaffleCAN$ 19.99
S’more Twist WaffleCAN$ 19.99
Strawberry Cheesecake Delight CrepeCAN$ 18.49
Strawberry Nutella® CrepeCAN$ 16.49
Fruity Goodness CrepeCAN$ 21.48
Belgian WaffleCAN$ 11.49
Banana with Nutella® WaffleCAN$ 17.49
Strawberry & Cream Cheese WaffleCAN$ 17.49
Bueno! WaffleCAN$ 19.99
Banofee Brûlée CrepeCAN$ 18.49
Bueno! CrepeCAN$ 18.49
Lotus CrepeCAN$ 18.49
Nutella® Waffle Strawberry NutellaCAN$ 17.49
PB & Chocolate Concoction CrepeCAN$ 18.49
Royalty CrepeCAN$ 18.49
S’More Twist CrepeCAN$ 18.49
Strawberry & Banana with Nutella® WaffleCAN$ 17.49
Strawberry Cheesecake Delight WaffleCAN$ 19.99
Strawberry and Cream Cheese CrepeCAN$ 18.49
Strawberry & Banana with Nutella CrepeCAN$ 17.49
Fruity Goodness WaffleCAN$ 19.99
Banoffee Brûlée WaffleCAN$ 19.99
Oreo® & White Chocolate WaffleCAN$ 17.49
dspot dessert menu

Skillet Cookies

Menu ItemPrice
Crunchy Munchy Butter ToffeeCAN$ 18.49
Wonderful White ChocolateCAN$ 18.49
PB & MECAN$ 18.49

D Spot’s Whole Cakes

Menu ItemPrice
Whole NY CheesecakeCAN$ 95.00
Whole Pecan Caramel CheesecakeCAN$ 95.00
Whole Red Velvet CheesecakeCAN$ 95.00
Whole Chocolate CakeCAN$ 85.00
Whole Strawberry ShortcakeCAN$ 85.00
Whole Oreo CheesecakeCAN$ 95.00
Whole Hazelnut CheesecakeCAN$ 95.00
Whole Red Velvet CakeCAN$ 85.00
Whole Carrot CakeCAN$ 85.00

FAQ’s About D Spot Dessert Cafe Menu Prices Canada

Answer: The D Spot Restaurant opens at 01:00 p.m. and closes at 12:00a.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the dspot menu Canada, costing CAN$1.99.

Answer: Whole Hazelnut Cheesecake are CAN$95, making them the most expensive item on d spot dessert menu.

About D Spot Dessert Cafe Canada

D-Spot Desserts has been in Canada since 2004 and is spreading sweetness across the country. The restaurant is known for its sweet treats and deserts.

D Spot is always the first spot to go when thinking about sweets and desserts for an after-meal craving or a special event. But now they have expanded their menu, and their offerings include pizza and burgers too. It’s clearly meant they are in and not going to allow you to go anywhere, whether its a sweet or a meal. Not only taste and quality, but they also provide freshly prepared desserts in an electric and welcoming atmosphere

Most Popular Items at D Spot Dessert Cafe Menu

Full of taste, sweets, desserts, ice creams, crepes, pizza, and burgers. It means you can have everything on the Dspot menu. but these are the most ordered items at DSpot Canada.

Oreo® Cheesecake ONLY

Ultimate creamy vanilla cheesecake combined with Oreo® cookies in an all butter Oreo® crust, topped with fudge and white Chocolate.

Milk Cake – Lotus

Soft vanilla sponge cake infused with tres leches A classic with a twist, topped with lotus cookies and lotus sauce.

Milk Cake – Oreo

Soft vanilla sponge cake, infused with tres leches. A classic with a twist, served with Oreo crumbs and Belgian milk chocolate.

NY Style Cheesecake Strawberries & Strawerry Sauce ONLY

NY Style Cheesecake Strawberries & Sauce

The ultimate creamy, soft vanilla cheesecake in an all-butter shortbread crust Served with strawberries and strawberry sauce.

We Blend Together Waffle

vanilla ice cream topped with strawberries and hot caramel sauce.

We Blend Together Waffle

Alternatives to D Spot Dessert Cafe Menu Canada

If you’re looking for an alternative to D Spot Dessert Cafe in Canada, there are several dessert cafes and sweet spots you might want to explore.
Here are some alternatives to Dspot menu that offer a variety of desserts and delicious treats:

1. Cacao 70
2. Sweet Jesus
3. Demetres
4. Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery
5. Dairy Queen
6. KFC
7. Tim Horton

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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