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Cactus Club Cafe Menu Canada has 19 menu deals for you with over 100 items, ranging from sandwiches and wraps to steaks, seafood dishes, and salads. Here you will get all the latest prices on the Cactus Club menu in Canada.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Cactus Club cafe menu prices in Canada.

Cactus Club Cafe Menu Canada

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White Wines

Menu ItemPrice
Andrew Peller Vqa Chardonnay, OntarioCAN$ 20
Monvin Pinot Grigio, ItalyCAN$ 25.25
Caliterra Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, ChileCAN$ 26.5
Flat Rock Cellars Riesling, OntarioCAN$ 34
Mansion House Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New ZealandCAN$ 39
Cloudfall Chardonnay, CaliforniaCAN$ 41.75

Red Wines

Menu ItemPrice
Canciller Malbec, ArgentinaCAN$ 33
Humberto Canale Pinot Noir, ArgentinaCAN$ 35.25
William Wright Pinot Noir, CaliforniaCAN$ 48
Monvin Cabernet, ItalyCAN$ 25.5
William Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, CaliforniaCAN$ 43
Andrew Peller Vqa Cabernet Merlot, OntarioCAN$ 20

Beer + More

Menu ItemPrice
Mill Street Organic LagerCAN$ 6.25
Steam Whistle (4 Pack)CAN$ 14
Stock & Row CiderCAN$ 7.25


Menu ItemPrice
Bombay GinCAN$ 55.99
Bulleit BourbonCAN$ 64.5
Casamigos ReposadoCAN$ 99
Crown Royal WhiskyCAN$ 52
Don Julio Reposado TequilaCAN$ 108
TitosCAN$ 65
Hendrick’s GinCAN$ 72.99
Tromba BlancoCAN$ 70.99
Grey Goose VodkaCAN$ 74.99
Hennessy VsopCAN$ 139


Menu ItemPrice
Spicy Ahi RollCAN$ 19
Prawn Crunch RollCAN$ 18
Zen Roll (Vf)CAN$ 16.25

Start + Share

Menu ItemPrice
Szechuan Chicken Lettuce WrapsCAN$ 23
Szechuan Tofu Lettuce WrapsCAN$ 23
Ravioli + Prawn TrioCAN$ 18
Mini Crispy Chicken SandwichesCAN$ 17.5
Mini BurgersCAN$ 17.5
Truffle FriesCAN$ 11.5
Chicken WingsCAN$ 18.75
Crispy Yam FriesCAN$ 11.5


Menu ItemPrice
Raincoast GreensCAN$ 21.5
Avocado Kale Salad *New*CAN$ 17.75
Lemongrass Noodle Salad *New*CAN$ 23.25


Menu ItemPrice
The Med BowlCAN$ 21
Thai Green CurryCAN$ 25
Tuna Poke BowlCAN$ 24.75
Crispy Tofu BowlCAN$ 22.75
Teriyaki Chicken Rice BowlCAN$ 22


Menu ItemPrice
Spaghetti PortofinoCAN$ 28
Butternut Squash Ravioli With PrawnsCAN$ 32.5
Short Rib PappardelleCAN$ 29.5
Grilled Dijon SalmonCAN$ 31.75
Blackened Creole ChickenCAN$ 30
Hunter ChickenCAN$ 31


Menu ItemPrice
Creole Steak & Prawns (8 Oz)CAN$ 46
Creole Steak + Prawns (12 Oz)CAN$ 58.25
Creole Steak & Prawns (7 Oz Filet)CAN$ 59
Four Mushroom Steak (8 Oz)CAN$ 42.5
Four Mushroom Steak (12 Oz)CAN$ 54.75
Chargrilled Steak (8 Oz)CAN$ 37
Four Mushroom Steak (7 Oz Filet)CAN$ 55.5
Chargrilled Steak (12 Oz)CAN$ 49.25
Peppercorn Steak (7 Oz Filet)CAN$ 54
Peppercorn Steak (8 Oz)CAN$ 41


Menu ItemPrice
Cajun Chicken SandwichCAN$ 21
Chicken TendersCAN$ 18.75
Rob’s Crispy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 22.25


Menu ItemPrice
The Feenie BurgerCAN$ 24.25
Cheddar Bacon BurgerCAN$ 23
Gardenburger®CAN$ 21.25
Impossible™ BurgerCAN$ 22.25


Menu ItemPrice
Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch BarCAN$ 11.75
Key Lime PieCAN$ 11.75
White Chocolate CheesecakeCAN$ 11.75
Five Layer Coconut Cake *New*CAN$ 15


Menu ItemPrice
Vegan Med Bowl (Vf)CAN$ 21
Zen Roll (Vf)CAN$ 16.25
Edamame (Vf)CAN$ 10
Crispy Yam Fries (Vf)CAN$ 11.5
Crispy Tofu Bowl (Vf)CAN$ 22.75
Impossible™ Burger (Vf)CAN$ 22.25

Gluten Smart

Menu ItemPrice
Crispy Yam Fries (Gf)CAN$ 11.5
Truffle Fries (Gf)CAN$ 11.5
Edamame (Gf)CAN$ 10
Raincoast Greens (Gf)CAN$ 21.5
Tuna Poke Bowl (Gf)CAN$ 24.75
Lemongrass Prawn Noodle Salad (Gf)CAN$ 27.25
Crispy Tofu Bowl (Gf)CAN$ 22.75
Chargrilled Steak (12 Oz) (Gf)CAN$ 49.25
Cheddar Bacon Burger (Gf)CAN$ 23
Cajun Chicken Sandwich (Gf)CAN$ 21

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Menu ItemPrice
DasaniCAN$ 3
Coca-ColaCAN$ 3
Diet Coca-ColaCAN$ 3
SpriteCAN$ 3
Red BullCAN$ 5.5
Heineken 0.0CAN$ 6
Sugar Free Red BullCAN$ 5.5

The Bellini At Home

Menu ItemPrice
The BelliniCAN$ 10.25

Sparkling + Rosé Wines

Menu ItemPrice
Montelliana Mont Blanc, ItalyCAN$ 31.5

FAQ’s About Cactus Club menu Canada

Answer: The Cactus Club Restaurant are open 11:30 a.m. and close 12:00 a.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Cactus Club cafe menu in Canada, costing CAN$10.

Answer: Four Mushroom Steak (7 Oz Filet) are CAN$55.50, making them the most expensive item on the Cactus Club menu in Canada.

About Cactus Club Cafe Canada

In 1988, Scott Morison and Richard Jaffray opened Cactus Club Cafe, which was previously known as Café Cucamongas. Cactus Club is a Canadian owned and premium casual dining restaurant. The first branch opened in North Vancouver, British Columbia, and then expanded to about 31 locations.

The Cactus Club Cafe menu is diverse and designed to cater to all tastes. The offerings includes mouthwatering burgers, sandwiches, and wraps, tantalizing steaks, seafood delicacies, and revitalizing salads

Most Popular items on Cactus Club menu in Canada

Price: $23.25

Price: $22

Price: $18.25

Price: $19.50

Price: $23

Price: $22.50

Alternatives to Cactus Club Cafe menu

Cactus Club is the go to place to taste great food in an excellent atmosphere, and they also give the best customer service. But it all costs you as well. If you are on a budget and want to taste something similar to Cactus Club menu offerings, then these alternatives to Cactus Club Cafe are also top rated and can provide you with the same good food as Cactus Club.
There are some alternatives to the Cactus Club menu in Canada.

1. Earls
2. The Keg
3. Moxies
4. East Side Mario’s
5. Mamma’s Pizza

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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