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Volcano Pizzeria Menu Canada has 12 menu deals for you with over 50 items, ranging from appetizers and sides to specialty pizzas to pizza & wing combos. Here you will get all the latest prices on the Volcano Pizzeria Menu in Canada.

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Volcano Pizzeria Menu Canada

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Appetizers and Sides

Menu ItemPrice
Cheese Calzone (12″)CAN$ 14.99
Chicken Fingers (4 pcs) and Wedges ComboCAN$ 10.99
Chicken FingersCAN$ 14.99
Jalapeno PoppersCAN$ 8.99
Deep-Fried Pickle SpearsCAN$ 8.99
Mozzarella SticksCAN$ 8.99
Potato WedgesCAN$ 6.99
Loaded Garlic Bread with CheeseCAN$ 5.49
Cheezy BreadCAN$ 12.99

Small Specialty Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
Volcano Works’ Pizza (Small)CAN$ 17.99
Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Small)CAN$ 16.99
Classic White Pizza (Small)CAN$ 16.99
Margherita White Pizza (Small)CAN$ 16.99
Meat Lover’s Pizza (Small)CAN$ 15.99
Johnny Lombardi Pizza (Small)CAN$ 17.99
Johnny Lombardi White Pizza (Small)CAN$ 17.99
Vegetarian Pizza (Small)CAN$ 15.99
Greek White Pizza (Small)CAN$ 16.99

Medium Specialty Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
Volcano Works’ Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 28.99
Margherita Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 24.99
Margherita White Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 24.99
Classic White Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 28.99
Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 25.99
Meat Lover’s Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 24.99
Johnny Lombardi Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 28.99
Hawaiian Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 21.99
Vegetarian Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 23.99

Large Specialty Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
Volcano Works’ Pizza (Large)CAN$ 33.99
Margherita Pizza (Large)CAN$ 28.99
Margherita White Pizza (Large)CAN$ 28.99
Johnny Lombardi Pizza (Large)CAN$ 32.99
Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Large)CAN$ 31.99
Meat Lover’s Pizza (Large)CAN$ 28.99
Classic White Pizza (Large)CAN$ 32.99
Hawaiian Pizza (Large)CAN$ 20.99
Vegetarian Pizza (Large)CAN$ 28.99

Build Your Own Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza (Small)CAN$ 12.99
Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 18.99
Gluten-Friendly Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 18.99
Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza (Large)CAN$ 20.99

Hot Subs

Menu ItemPrice
Pizza SubCAN$ 14.99
Chicken Finger SubCAN$ 15.99
Sausage SubCAN$ 15.99
Meatball SubCAN$ 15.99

Cold Subs

Menu ItemPrice
Capicolla SubCAN$ 14.99
Mortadella SubCAN$ 14.99
Ham SubCAN$ 14.99
Assorted SubCAN$ 14.99
Salami SubCAN$ 14.99
Prosciutto SubCAN$ 15.99

Jumbo Wings

Menu ItemPrice
Jumbo WingsCAN$ 18.99

Pizza and Wing Combos

Menu ItemPrice
Small Pizza and Wings (10 pcs) ComboCAN$ 22.99
Medium Pizza and Wings (10 pcs) ComboCAN$ 32.99
Large Pizza and Wings (20 pcs) ComboCAN$ 49.99
Large Pizza and Wings (30 pcs) ComboCAN$ 59.99


Menu ItemPrice
Blue Cheese DipCAN$ 1.99
Garlic DipCAN$ 1.99
Ranch DipCAN$ 1.99


Menu ItemPrice
Canned PopCAN$ 1.99
Water (Bottled)CAN$ 1.25
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FAQ’s About Volcano Pizzeria Menu Canada

Answer: The Volcano Pizzeria Restaurant are open 11 a.m. and close 10:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Volcano Pizzeria Menu in Canada, costing CAN$5.49.

Answer: Volcano Pizzeria Menu are CAN$32.99, making them the most expensive item on the Volcano Pizzeria Menu with prices in Canada.

About Volcano Pizzeria Menu

Volcano Pizzeria, with its roots dating back to the 1970s in Welland, holds a significant place in the Niagara Region’s culinary landscape. Whether you’re in Welland or St. Catharines, Volcano Pizzeria remains committed to delivering the highest quality pizza alongside top-notch customer service. If you haven’t experienced the flavours of Ontario’s Volcano Pizzeria, you’re truly missing out on one of the finest pizza joints in the area.

Their commitment to excellence is evident in their scratch-made crusts, baked fresh daily, ensuring each slice is as delicious as the last. With crusts that strike the perfect balance—strong enough to hold all your favourite toppings without feeling too heavy—Volcano Pizzeria guarantees a satisfying and flavorful pizza experience.

Most Popular items on Volcano Pizzeria Menu in Canada

Volcano Works’ Pizza

Greek White Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

Margherita White Pizza

Mortadella Sub

Alternatives to Volcano Pizzeria Menu

Volcano Pizzaeria is famous for the pizzas, and you know pizza is a world-famous fast food. and Canada also has a fair share of the industry, as there are hundreds of pizza chains available in Canada. We’ve listed some world-famous pizza chains and also some local yet famous ones that provide good taste to help you explore the pizza culinary scene in Canada and also use them as alternatives to volcano pizza in Canada.

> Most Popular Pizza Chains in Canada

1. Pizza Hut
2. Pizza Nova
3. Domino’s Pizza
4. Papa John’s
5. Little Caesars

> Some Lesser Know But yet Providing Quality Pizza

1. Greco Pizza is Found in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic provinces and is the biggest pizza chain in Atlantic Canada
2. Pizzaville: This chain is found in Toronto and offers a variety of pizzas, including Gluten-free options
3. Pizzaiolo is a Toronto-based restaurant chain with 41 locations that serves Italian-style pizza
4. Pizza Delight is a franchise in Canada with 95 restaurants in Ontario and Atlantic provinces
241 Pizza is mostly found in Southern Ontario but also in Newfoundland, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan

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