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KFC Menu Prices Québec has 10 menu deals for you with over 55 items, serving fast food from Chicken buckets to Sandwiches to Desserts. Here you will get all the latest prices on the KFC Menu Québec.

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Sandwichs et wraps / Sandwiches & Wraps

Menu ItemPrice
COMBO SANDWICH À BASE DE PLANTES / Plant-Based Sandwich ComboC$12.06
Le Fameux sandwich de PFK / KFC Famous Chicken Chicken SandwichC$9.07
Combo Le Fameux sandwich de PFK / KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich ComboC$12.06
SANDWICH BÂTONNETS TENDRES / Double Tender SandwichC$6.89
COMBO SANDWICH BÂTONNETS TENDRES / Double Tender Sandwich ComboC$9.76
WRAP TWISTER GRILLÉ / Toasted TwisterC$8.61
COMBO ZINGER / Zinger Sandwich ComboC$12.06
COMBO TWISTER / Toasted Twister ComboC$12.06

Poulet Sans Os / Boneless Chicken

Menu ItemPrice
Combo Poulet Pop-Corn / Popcorn Chicken ComboC$10.68
Combo 3 Bâtonnets Tendres Recette Originale / 3 Piece Original Recipe Tenders ComboC$11.72
COMBO DE POULET SANS OS / Boneless ComboC$13.44

Repas Méga-Boîte / Big Boxes

Menu ItemPrice
Fameux sandwich au poulet de PFK en ultime boîte-repas / KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Ultimate Box MealC$16.89
BOÎTE SANDWICH 2BT / Double Tender Sandwich BoxC$12.06
BOÎTE SUPER CROQUE / Big Crunch Sandwich BoxC$14.59
BOÎTE 4 MORCEAUX DE POULET / 4 Piece Chicken BoxC$14.94
BOÎTE Sans Os / Boneless BoxC$14.59
BOÎTE ZINGER DIABOLIK / Wicked Zinger Sandwich BoxC$14.59
BOÎTE SUPER CROQUE DOUBLE / Big Crunch Stacker BoxC$17.81

Barils Recette Originale / Original Buckets

Menu ItemPrice
Baril 6 morceaux et 2 accompagnements format grand / 6 Piece Bucket and 2 Large SidesC$28.74
Baril 10 morceaux et 3 accompagnements format grand / 10 Piece Bucket and 3 Large SidesC$40.24
Baril 14 morceaux et 4 accompagnements format grand / 14 Piece Bucket and 4 Large SidesC$51.74
Baril 18 morceaux et 5 accompagnements format grand / 18 Piece Bucket and 5 Large SidesC$60.94
Baril 6 Morceaux / 6 Piece BucketC$20.11
Baril 10 Morceaux / 10 Piece BucketC$29.31
Baril 14 Morceaux / 14 Piece BucketC$36.79
Baril 18 Morceaux / 18 Piece BucketC$43.69

Combos de poulet Recette Originale / Original Recipe Chicken

Menu ItemPrice
COMBO 2 MORCEAUX DE POULET / 2 Piece Chicken ComboC$10.91
COMBO 3 MORCEAUX DE POULET / 3 Piece Chicken ComboC$12.64
COMBO 4 MORCEAUX DE POULET / 4 Piece Chicken ComboC$13.44

Collations / Snacks

Menu ItemPrice
BARIL SUR LE POUCE – POULET POP-CORN / Go Bucket – Popcorn ChickenC$6.31
BARIL SUR LE POUCE – PAIN PLAT KENTUCKY / Go Bucket / Kentucky FlatbreadC$6.31
POUTINE / PoutineC$6.54
POUTINE POP-CORN / Popcorn Chicken PoutineC$8.27
PAIN PLAT KENTUCKY / Kentucky FlatbreadC$3.67
POULET POP-CORN PETIT FORMAT / Small Popcorn ChickenC$7.81
3 MORCEAUX DE POULET / 3 Piece ChickenC$9.88

Célèbres barils / Famous Buckets

Menu ItemPrice
Vari-barils / Variety BucketC$45.99
Baril sans os / Boneless BucketC$34.49

Trempettes / Dips

Menu ItemPrice
MIEL MOUTARDE FAÇON DU SUD / Carolina Honey Mustard DipC$0.35
PRUNES FAÇON DU SUD / Southern Plum DipC$0.35
TREMPETTE RANCH CRÉMEUSE / Buttermilk Ranch DipC$0.35
BBQ SUCRÉE ET FUMÉE / Sweet and Smokey BBQ DipC$0.35

Accompagnements et boissons / Sides & drinks

Menu ItemPrice
FRITES / FriesC$2.29
POUTINE / PoutineC$6.54
POUTINE POP-CORN / Popcorn Chicken PoutineC$8.27
SAUCE / GravyC$2.86
SALADE DE MACARONI / Macaroni SaladC$2.86
SALADE DE CHOU MAISON / Homestyle ColeslawC$2.86
MAÏS ASSAISONNÉ RECETTE ORIGINALE / Original Recipe Seasoned CornC$2.86
PEPSI DIÈTE / Diet PepsiC$2.63


Menu ItemPrice
BISCUIT AUX PÉPITES DE CHOCOLAT / Chocolate Chunk CookieC$1.37
6 BISQUITES AUX PÉPITES DE CHOCOLAT / 6 Chocolate Chunk CookiesC$6.31
Brownie S’more de PFK / KFC S’more BrownieC$3.21
Paquet de 4 brownies S’more de PFK / 4 pack of KFC S’more BrownieC$8.96

FAQ’s About KFC Menu Prices Québec

Answer: The KFC Restaurant are open at 10:30am and closes at 10:00pm in Quebec.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the KFC Menu Prices Québec, costing CAN$3.67.

Answer: 18 Piece Bucket and 5 Large Sides are CAN$60.94, making them the most expensive item on the KFC Menu Prices Québec.

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