Jugo Juice Menu and Prices Canada – 2024

Jugo Juice menu Canada has 13 menu deals for you with over 45 items, ranging from Mighty Kale Smoothie to Tonic Mojito to Blue Crush. Here you will get all the latest prices on the Jugo Juice Menu in Canada.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Jugo Juice menu in Canada.

Most Famous Jugo Juice

jugo juice menu Jugo Classico®

Jugo Classico®

Jugo Cold Brew

Jugo Cold Brew

Big Blue Protein

Big Blue Protein

Chicken Avocado Wrap

Chicken Avocado Wrap

Three Cheese Grilled Cheese

Three Cheese Grilled Cheese

Chicken Melt Grilled Cheese

Chicken Melt Grilled Cheese

Jugo Juice Menu Canada

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Most Popular

Menu ItemPrice
Mighty Kale SmoothieCAN$ 9.5
Chicken Avocado WrapCAN$ 9.3
PB Protein SmoothieCAN$ 9.85
Big Blue Protein SmoothieCAN$ 9.85
Three Cheese Grilled CheeseCAN$ 9.15

New Veggie Burger

Menu ItemPrice
Veggie BurgerCAN$ 11.5

New Tropical Summer Mocktails

Menu ItemPrice
Frosted Lemonade SmoothieCAN$ 9.25
Strawberry Daiquiri SmoothieCAN$ 9.25
Pina Colada SmoothieCAN$ 9.25
Tonic MojitoCAN$ 6.95
Yuzu TonicCAN$ 6.95
Lemonade TonicCAN$ 6.95

Nouveau Délice Tropical Mocktails

Menu ItemPrice
Smoothie Limonade GivréeCAN$ 9.25
Smoothie Daiquiri à la fraiseCAN$ 9.25
Smoothie Pina ColadaCAN$ 9.25
Mojito ToniqueCAN$ 6.95
Tonique YuzuCAN$ 6.95
Tonique LimonadeCAN$ 6.95

Smoothies Classique

Menu ItemPrice
Smoothie Jugo ClassicoCAN$ 6.5
Mango magic SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Blushing Mango SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Summer Strawberry SmoothieCAN$ 6.5
Peanut Butter & ChocolateCAN$ 6.5
Berry and Banana SmoothieCAN$ 9.15

Fresh Energy Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Blue CrushCAN$ 6.5
Dragon Force SmoothieCAN$ 9.15
Jugo Cold Brew SmoothieCAN$ 9.15
Vanilla MatchaCAN$ 9.15
Gold DiggerCAN$ 9.5
Green Glow SmoothieCAN$ 9.5

Protein Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Mocha Protein SmoothieCAN$ 9.85
PB Protein SmoothieCAN$ 9.85
Big Blue Protein SmoothieCAN$ 9.85
Green Protein SmoothieCAN$ 9.85
Morning BlendCAN$ 9.95
Pink Power ProteinCAN$ 9.85

Immunity Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Super GreenCAN$ 9.45

Fresh Pressed Juice

Menu ItemPrice
Orange JuiceCAN$ 7.95

Wraps & Grilled Cheese

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Avocado WrapCAN$ 9.3
Turkey Bacon Club WrapCAN$ 8.8
Cranberry Turkey Grilled CheeseCAN$ 11.5
Three Cheese Grilled CheeseCAN$ 9.15
GOA Chicken WrapCAN$ 9.3


Menu ItemPrice
OrangesCAN$ 1


Menu ItemPrice
Smart Sparkling WaterCAN$ 3.5
Dasani WaterCAN$ 2.25
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FAQ’s About Jugo Juice Menu Canada

Answer: Jugo Juice restaurants are open 10:00 a.m. and close 06:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Jugo Juice menu Canada, costing CAN$7.95.

Answer: Mocha Protein Smoothie are CAN$9.85, making them the most expensive item on Jugo Juice menu Canada.

About Jugo Juice Canada

In 1998, Jugo Juice, as part of MTY Group, was founded in Calgary and proved a great alternative to mainstream fast food. The restaurant is known for fresh juices, smoothies, an assortment of grilled wraps, and grilled flatbreads. The restaurant itself has categories in the healthier quick service category, and Jugo Juce has gained significant popularity to be able to expand the restaurant locations worldwide. Currently, Jugo Juice is available in different countries in 140 locations.

The Jugo Juice menu is equally popular with every age category, and Jugo Juice specializes in smoothies and provides an amazing selection of cold-pressed juices. This is the place for you if you are looking for a fresh juice or a quick lunch with your colleagues and family.

Most Popular items on the Jugo Juice in Canada

Jugo Classico®

Jugo Cold Brew

Big Blue Protein

Mighty Kale

Peanut Butter Protein

Tropical Green Protein

Alternatives to The Jugo Juice Menu Canada

Though Jugo Juice introduced itself as an alternative to fast food,. And they turned out to be a great, healthier option. However, people in Canada have grown fond of healthy juices and smoothies over time. That is the reason other juice chains start popping in and making them an alternative to Jugo Juice.

1. Freshii
2. Booster Juice
3. Second Cup
4. Starbucks
5. Chatime

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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