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Coras Menu prices Canada has 13 deals for you with over 120 items, ranging from sandwiches to fried rice to congee. Here you will get all the latest prices on the Coras menu in Canada.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Cora Menu prices in Canada.

Coras Menu Canada

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Menu ItemPrice
Café latteCAN$ 4.95
SmoothiesPriced by add-ons
Cora orange juiceCAN$ 5.15
Bottle of juicePriced by add-ons
Hot chocolateCAN$ 4.25
PerrierCAN$ 4.35
Bottle of waterCAN$ 3.15
Regular coffeeCAN$ 3.75
Tea or herbal teaCAN$ 4.15
CappuccinoCAN$ 4.95
Fruit cocktailCAN$ 6.05

Sweet’n Salty

Menu ItemPrice
Gabriel who’s crazy for Triple chocolate pancakesCAN$ 19.55
Mountain of bananas on a waffle for AdamCAN$ 19.55
Strawberry avalanche for FannieCAN$ 19.55
Our breakfast for the Club*CAN$ 19.55
Jessica born in 89CAN$ 19.55

Eggs Ben et Dictine

Menu ItemPrice
Peameal bacon Ben et DictinePriced by add-ons
Smoked salmon Ben et DictinePriced by add-ons
Tomatoes, bacon and green onions Ben et DictinePriced by add-ons
Ham Ben et DictinePriced by add-ons


Menu ItemPrice
10 star skilletCAN$ 19.85
Theo’s skilletCAN$ 19.85
Chrorizo-ham SkilletCAN$ 19.85
Western SkilletCAN$ 19.85


Menu ItemPrice
Tasty strawberriesCAN$ 19.55
The boss’ favoriteCAN$ 19.55
Crêpes with meatCAN$ 16.05
April 89 with cocoa-hazelnutCAN$ 19.55
April 89 with custardCAN$ 18.35
Spinach and cheddar crêpeCAN$ 18.35
Banana BlastCAN$ 17.75


Menu ItemPrice
Strawberry-banana pancakesCAN$ 17.25
Triple chocolate pancakesCAN$ 17.25
Blueberry Fields PancakesCAN$ 17.25
Pancakes with meatCAN$ 16.05


Menu ItemPrice
Western-cheddar crêpomeletteCAN$ 19.55
Chorizo and goat cheese crêpomeletteCAN$ 19.55
Spinach and cheddar crêpomeletteCAN$ 19.55

Cora breakfast menu: Savoury Omelettes

Menu ItemPrice
Smoked salmon omeletteCAN$ 21.85
Western OmeletteCAN$ 18.75
10 star omeletteCAN$ 19.55
Spinach and cheddar omeletteCAN$ 17.55
Gigi OmeletteCAN$ 19.85

Cora breakfast menu: Eggs

Menu ItemPrice
2 eggs with fruitCAN$ 16.65
1 egg, choice of accompaniment and potatoesCAN$ 12.65
2 eggs, choice of accompaniment and potatoesCAN$ 13.15
3 eggs, choice of accompaniment and potatoesCAN$ 13.75
Rosemary’s SundayCAN$ 19.55
Jo ConstructionCAN$ 18.35
Gargantuan breakfastCAN$ 20.65

Teens’ favourites

Menu ItemPrice
Burrito crêpeCAN$ 18.35
Brunch burgerCAN$ 18.95
The ClubCAN$ 20.65

French Toast

Menu ItemPrice
Brioche for EliseCAN$ 19.25
French toast with meatCAN$ 14.95
French toast with fresh fruitCAN$ 17.25
1990’s HarvestCAN$ 19.25
SurpriseCAN$ 18.35
Seventh of JulyCAN$ 18.35

Cora Waffles Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Waffle with strawberriesCAN$ 19.55
Waffle with fresh fruitCAN$ 18.35


Menu ItemPrice
Spinach omelette and goat cheese bagelCAN$ 18.75
Bagel and lox with potaotesCAN$ 19.55
Bagel and lox with fresh fruitCAN$ 21.85
Bagel and loxCAN$ 17.25
Chicken melt with fruitCAN$ 19.55
Chicken meltCAN$ 13.75
Tuna melt with potatoesCAN$ 16.05
Tuna meltCAN$ 13.75
Egg salad with potatoesCAN$ 14.95
Egg salad with fruitCAN$ 17.25
Egg saladCAN$ 12.65

Fresh fruit

Menu ItemPrice
Large bowl of fresh fruit with toastCAN$ 12.35
Peggy’s poachedCAN$ 17.25
Bowl of fresh fruitCAN$ 9.75

A little extra!

Menu ItemPrice
Pure maple syrupCAN$ 1.15
Meat or proteinPriced by add-ons
Hollandaise sauceCAN$ 3.75
PotatoesCAN$ 3.75
Salted CaramelCAN$ 4.55
CustardCAN$ 3.75
Cocoa-hazelnut spreadCAN$ 4.55
Cheddar cheeseCAN$ 4.55
Swiss cheeseCAN$ 3.75
Cottage cheeseCAN$ 3.75
Cream cheeseCAN$ 1.65

FAQ’s About Cora Menu in Canada

Answer: The Cora restaurants are open 07.00 a.m. and close 2:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Coras Menu prices in Canada, costing CAN$4.25.

Answer: Smoked meat panini with fresh fruit are $29.15, making them the most expensive item on the Cora Menu with prices in Canada.

Answer: Yes. Cora delivers with DoorDash in Canada

About Cora Canada

Chez Cora (usually known as Cora) was founded in 1987 in Ville Saint-Laurent by a woman named Cora Mussely Tsouflidou.  The restaurant is popular for its breakfast menu but also serves midday meals.The chain has gained so much popularity that it has opened 125 locations in Quebec and Canada.

The Coras menu features breakfasts, and if you are a breakfast lover and looking to explore new places, then I think you should visit to explore the diverse menu that consists of scrambled eggs and toast to pancakes with syrup. The last thing is affordability. You can explore a lot without breaking the bank.

Most Popular items on Cora Menu in Canada

Louis the undecided
Price: $25.95

Sunshine panini-crêpe
Price: $24.65

Steak Lover’s Ben et Dictine
Price: $30.30

Breakfast Poutine
Price: $23.45

Western-cheddar crêpomelette
Price: $28.80

Smoked meat panini with potatoes
Price: $26.45

Alternatives to Coras Menu Prices in Canada

If you are looking for alternatives to Cora in Canada, then there are plenty of restaurants available that have quite similar menu items to Cora. 
There are some alternatives to the Chez Cora in Canada.

1. Tim Hortons
2. Burger King
3. Swiss Chalet
4. McDonald’s
6. Subway
7. Wafflehouse

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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