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Casa Grecque Menu Canada has 13 menu deals for you with over 100 items, ranging from Grilled Shrimp to Salmon Filet to apple and Caramel Pie. Here you will get all the latest prices on the Casa Grecque menu in Canada.

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Casa Grecque Menu Canada

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Menu ItemPrice
Mini pitas au homard et aux crevettes / Lobster & Shrimp Mini PitasCAN$ 17.5
Assiette de mini pitas au homard et aux crevettes / Lobster & Shrimp Mini Pitas PlateCAN$ 24.5
Salade de homard et crevettes / Lobster & Shrimp SaladCAN$ 20.85


Menu ItemPrice
Soupe du jour / Soup of the DayCAN$ 4.75
Tzatziki / TzatzikiCAN$ 6.25
Calmars / CalamariCAN$ Priced by add-ons
Crevettes à l’ail gratinées / Garlic shrimp au gratinCAN$ 10.25
Esgargots gratinés / Snails au gratinCAN$ 9.25
Spanakopita / SpanakopitaCAN$ 7.75
Taramasolata / TaramasolataCAN$ 6.5
Saumon fumé / Smoked SalmonCAN$ 14.25


Menu ItemPrice
Salade aux crevettes grillées / Grilled Shrimp SaladCAN$ 26.5
Salade César au poulet grillé / Grilled Chicken Caesar SaladCAN$ 22.75
Salade grecque / Greek SaladCAN$ 19.75

Grillades / Grill

Menu ItemPrice
Tomahawk de porc / Tomahawk pork chopCAN$ 28.75
Côtelettes d’agneau / Lamb chopsCAN$ 31.95
Filet mignon / Filet MignonCAN$ 41.95
Brochette de poulet / Chicken BrochetteCAN$ 23.25
Poitrine de poulet marinée grillée / Grilled Marinated Chicken BreastCAN$ 22.95
Médaillons de filet de porc / Pork Tenderloin MedallionsCAN$ 22.5
Steak Casa Grecque / Steak Casa GrecqueCAN$ 26.75
Steak entrecôte / Rib SteakCAN$ 45.75
Assiette de souvlakis de poulet / Chicken Souvlaki PlateCAN$ 22.95

Fish & Seafood

Menu ItemPrice
Filet de poisson blanc / White Fish FilletCAN$ 20.95
Fish ‘n chips / Fish ‘n ChipsCAN$ 20.95
Filet de loup de mer méditerranéan / Mediterranean sea bass filletCAN$ 26.5
Crevettes papillon / Butterfly ShrimpCAN$ 32.95
Filet de saumon et crevettes grillées / Grilled Salmon & ShrimpCAN$ 34.75
Filet de saumon de l’Atlantique grillé / Grilled Atlantic Salmon FiletCAN$ 26.5
Crevettes grillées en brochette / Grilled Shrimp BrochetteCAN$ 30.25

Duos terre et mer / Surf ‘n Turf Duos

Menu ItemPrice
Brochette de filet mignon et crevettes grillées / Filet Mignon Brochette & Grilled ShrimpCAN$ 40.5
Côtelettes d’agneau et crevettes papillon / Lamb chops and butterfly shrimpCAN$ 36.25
Filet mignon et crevettes papillon / Filet Mignon & Butterfly ShrimpCAN$ 49.5
Médaillons de filet de porc et crevettes papillon / Pork Tenderloin Medallions and Butterfly ShrimpCAN$ 34.5
Duo poulet et crevettes / Chicken & Shrimp DuoCAN$ 32.95
Steak Casa et crevettes papillon / Steak Casa & Butterfly ShrimpCAN$ 32.5

Assiettes à partager / Sharing Platters

Menu ItemPrice
Festin de brochettes pour 2 / Brochette Feast for 2CAN$ 75.5
Le Poséidon / The PoseidonCAN$ 65.75
Assiette à partager classique pour 2 / Classic Sharing Platter for 2CAN$ 59.95

Pâtes / Pasta

Menu ItemPrice
Cannellonis aux trois fromages / 3 Cheese CannelloniCAN$ 21.5
Lasagne, sauce à la viande / Lasagna with Meat SauceCAN$ 19.5
Spaghetti, sauce à la viande / Spaghetti with Meat SauceCAN$ 19.5
Poulet parmesan / Chicken ParmesanCAN$ 25.95

Repas pour enfants / Kids Meals

Menu ItemPrice
Lasagne / LasagnaCAN$ 8.5
Spaghetti / SpaghettiCAN$ 8.5
Filets de poulet panés / Chicken TendersCAN$ 8.5
Souvlaki de porc / Pork SouvlakiCAN$ 8.5
Filets d’aiglefin panés / Fish ‘n ChipsCAN$ 8.5
Pizza aux 3 fromages / 3 Cheese PizzaCAN$ 8.5
Side Salad DressingCAN$ 0.81


Menu ItemPrice
Tarte au pommes et caramel / Apple and Caramel PieCAN$ 6.75
Gâteau au fromage / CheesecakeCAN$ 7.75
Gâteau mousse au chocolat / Chocolate Mousse CakeCAN$ 6.95
Gâteau Tiramisu / TiramisuCAN$ 6.95
Loukoumades (5) / Loukoumades (5)CAN$ 6.75
Gâteau choco fondant / Chocolate Brownie CakeCAN$ 6.5
Baklava maison / BaklavaCAN$ 5.5

Boissons / Beverages

Menu ItemPrice
7 Up / 7 UpCAN$ 2.95
Pepsi / PepsiCAN$ 2.95
Pepsi Diète / Diet PepsiCAN$ 2.95
Heineken 0.0 / Heineken 0.0CAN$ 6.5
Eau de source gazéifiée Montellier / Montellier Carbonated Spring WaterCAN$ 2.95


Menu ItemPrice
Crevettes papillon (3) / Butterfly Shrimp (3)CAN$ 10.25
Crevettes grillées (3) / Grilled Shrimp (3)CAN$ 10.25
Champignons sautés / Sauteed MushroomsCAN$ 4.5
Sauce au poivre / Pepper SauceCAN$ 2.75
Sauce à l’ail / Garlic SauceCAN$ 1.75
Pain pita / Pita BreadCAN$ 2.95
Tzatziki (4 oz) / Tzatziki (4 oz)CAN$ 4.25
Riz / RiceCAN$ 4.25
Pommes de terre / PotatoesCAN$ 4.25

FAQ’s About Casa Grecque Menu Canada

Answer: The Casa Grecque Restaurant are open 4 p.m. and close 9:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Casa Grecque Menu in Canada, costing CAN$5.50.

Answer: Filet Mignon are CAN$41.95, making them the most expensive item on the Casa Grecque Menu with prices in Canada.

About Casa Grecque Menu Canada

The restaurant opened its first location in 1980 on Prince Arthur Street in Montreal. The Casa Grecque menu serves the best seafood dishes in Canada. Mediterranean sea bass fillet to their Steak Casa & Butterfly Shrimp, all the offerings are mouthwatering and delicious. The menu, atmosphere, and services are just amazing.

Most Popular items on Casa Grecque Menu in Canada

Steak Casa Grecque / Steak Casa Grecque

Brochette de poulet / Chicken Brochette

Crevettes papillon / Butterfly Shrimp

Pain à l’ail gratiné / Garlic Bread au Gratin

Steak Casa et crevettes papillon / Steak Casa & Butterfly Shrimp

Poitrine de poulet marinée grillée / Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast

Alternatives to Casa Grecque Menu

Casa Grecque is located in Quebec, and if you are living far away, you are probably looking for alternatives. There are plenty of restaurants available in Canada that can provide the same delicious food in an excellent environment as Casa Grecque.
There are some alternatives to the Casa Grecque menu in Canada.

1. Ouzeri Restaurant
2. Mezes Restaurant
3. Burger King
4. Swiss Chalet
5. McDonald’s

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