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Booster Juice Menu Canada has 12 menu deals for you with over 80 items, ranging from Mango Hurricane smoothies to apple and carrot juice. Here you will get all the latest prices on the Booster Juice Menu in Canada.

These prices are regularly updated to give users the latest and most accurate results for their favourite Booster Juice Menu prices in Canada.

Booster Juice Menu Canada

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Menu ItemPrice
2 Can BoosterCAN$ 32.19
4 Can BoosterCAN$ 55.99
Family PackCAN$ 26.99
Fresh Juice ComboCAN$ 16.37
Fresh Juice Triple Play ComboCAN$ 13.99
Regular ComboCAN$ 16.6
Regular Triple Play SmoothieCAN$ 13.99
Snack ComboCAN$ 14.11
Snack Triple Play ComboCAN$ 11.69

Classic Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Breezy Banana (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Breezy Banana (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Mango Hurricane (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Mango Hurricane (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Strawberry Sunshine (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Strawberry Sunshine (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
The Original (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
The Original (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Tropical Tornado (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Tropical Tornado (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98

Spirit Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Berry Cream Sensation (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Berry Cream Sensation (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Canadian Colada (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Canadian Colada (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Funky Monkey (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Funky Monkey (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Orangesicle (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Orangesicle (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Pea (Not) Butter 2.0 (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Pea (Not) Butter 2.0 (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98

Refresh Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Coco Crush (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.59
Coco Crush (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.32
Spinach Is In It (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.32
Tropi-Kale (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.59
Tropi-Kale (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.32
Unbeetable (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.59
Unbeetable (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.32
Wildberry Rush (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.59
Wildberry Rush (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.32

High Protein Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Bananas-A-Whey (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.14
Banango Burst (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.14
Nuttin’ Better (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.14
Ripped Berry (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.14
Strawberry Storm (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.14

Superfood Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Marathon (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.48
Marathon (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.2
Matcha Monsoon (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.48
Matcha Monsoon (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.2
Pomegranate Passion (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.48
Pomegranate Passion (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.2
Lemon Berry (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.48
Lemon Berry (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.2

Superfood+ Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Mind Over Matcha (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.59
Pomegranate Punch (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.59

Smoothies Feature

Menu ItemPrice
Watermelon Explosion (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.48
Watermelon Explosion (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.2

Fresh Juice

Menu ItemPrice
Apple JuiceCAN$ 8.69
Carrot JuiceCAN$ 8.69
Ginger HammerCAN$ 8.69
Green HornetCAN$ 8.69
Hail to the KaleCAN$ 8.69
Heavenly HorizonCAN$ 8.69
Maui JuiceCAN$ 8.69
Red SunriseCAN$ 8.69
Strawberry Lemon-AidCAN$ 8.69
Tahiti SqueezeCAN$ 8.69

Grilled Fresh

Menu ItemPrice
Chipotle Steak PaniniCAN$ 9.37
Chipotle Chicken PaniniCAN$ 9.37
Chipotle Chicken WrapCAN$ 9.37
Chicken QuesadillaCAN$ 9.37
Chipotle Steak WrapCAN$ 9.37

Grilled Fresh Breakfast

Menu ItemPrice
Egg White and Chorizo WrapCAN$ 7.33

Specialty Items

Menu ItemPrice
Orange, Ginger and Cayenne ShotCAN$ 3.15
Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric and Coconut ShotCAN$ 3.15
Lemon & Ginger ShotCAN$ 3.15
Booster BallCAN$ 3.11
3 Booster BallsCAN$ 7.06

FAQ’s About Booster Juice Menu Canada

Answer: The Booster Juice Restaurant are open 10 a.m. and close 8:00 p.m. in Canada.

Answer: This is the cheapest item on the Booster Juice Menu in Canada, costing CAN$3.15.

Answer: 4 Can Booster are CAN$55.99, making them the most expensive item on the Booster Juice Menu with prices in Canada.

About Booster Juice Canada

Dale Wishewan opened the first location of Booster Juice in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, in 1999. The chain has gone viral among health-conscious customers and has grown to 270 locations. The chain also holds the record for opening 50 stores in its first two years

The Booster Juice menu consists of fruit juice and a smoothie bar. The restaurant’s specialization includes smoothies, which are made from pure juice, fruit sorbet or vanilla frozen yogurt, frozen fruit, fresh yogurt, and ice. Some menu items are seasonal, so make sure to visit to enjoy the newest menu items.

Most Popular items on Booster Juice Menu in Canada

Regular Combo
Price: $17.73

Mango Hurricane (Regular Size)
Price: $9.03

Strawberry Sunshine (Regular Size)
Price: $9.03

Tropical Tornado (Regular Size)
Price: $9.03

Mind Over Matcha
Price: $10.27

Açai Avalanche
Price: $10.27

Alternatives to Booster Juice Menu

There are tons of smoothie bars in Canada. Booster Juice is also one of them. It is available all across the country and provides some great taste and flavour. But if you are in the mood to taste something different today,. Then, fortunately, there are plenty of other smoothie bars available in Canada that can cater to your hunt for fresh juice and smoothies.
There are some alternatives to the Booster Juice Menu Prices in Canada.

1. Jugo Juice
2. Freshii
3. Second Cup
4. Starbucks
5. Chatime

Disclaimer: Please note that the information shown on the website may not cover recent changes. For current prices and menu information, please contact the restaurant directly.


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